Install Jelly Bean 4.2.2 AOKP Milestone 2 custom ROM on Galaxy Nexus i9250

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus i9250 GSM is the handset that shall be discussed in today’s tutorial. Our topic: how to update it to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with AOKP Milestone 2 custom ROM.


The device is eligible for this guide only if you do various operations beforehand. They are called pre-requisites and they sound like this:

For the remainder of our guide you will be asked to follow the steps below, since they are the ones to fully update your handset.Galaxy-Nexus-I9250

How to update Galaxy Nexus to JB 4.2.2 AOKP Milestone 2 ROM

  1. Your PC or notebook has to be open for the very first task which says this: (file name: Save this file on the desktop. Then download and save Google Apps in the same place, using this link.
  2. The phone will have to be attached to your notebook; for this step to work, use the handset’s USB cord. After that you need to take the files from the PC and send them over to the SD card root of the phone, then unplug the devices from each other. Afterwards turn the handset off.
  3. Boot this device into Bootloader Mode; afterwards opt for “Recovery” and have patience till the handset is in that mode.
  4. Now make time to have a full NANDroid backup created. Should your phone sport the TeamWin Recovery Project, you should make the backup by opting for “Backup” and then choosing what you wish to save; finish by confirming all of this.
  5. If the custom recovery image is the ClockworkMod Recovery one, then choose “Backup&Restore“, give a name for the backup file and end by confirming this. When this has been performed, you should apply Factory Reset, which also depends on whether your device has the TWRP or the CWM Recovery.
  6. If it’s the former:
    – tap “Wipe“;
    – tap “Factory Reset“;
    – confirm.
  7. Should your handset have the second custom recovery image, then:
    – opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
    – confirm.
  8. The flashing of the update firmware also depends on the custom recovery image. For the TWRP Recovery you have to do as follows:
    – tap “Install“;
    – locate the file;
    – slide a blue key (which is on the display’s bottom);
    – wait for the confirmation above to happen.
  9. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the Nexus i9250 which sports the CWM Recovery, you will be asked the following:
    – opt for “Install zip from SD card“;
    – opt for “Choose zip from SD card“;
    – flash the AOKP M2 zip file on your smartphone.
  10. The Google Apps will be installed on the same device only if you redo the steps that flashed the AOKP M2 zip file on it before.
  11. Go back to the custom recovery screen of your i9250 and reboot it into Normal Mode, then return to your laptop, launch the Internet and then go to your Gmail account. Type in your details there. The AOKP Milestone 2 custom ROM is yours to experiment!

The NANDroid backup we told you about in the previous paragraphs will come in very handy if you are not satisfied with the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ROM you just flashed on your Galaxy Nexus i9250.