How to Root Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi SHW-M480W

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi SHW-M480W is the latest to receive root access on our blog. The best way to bring an improvement to your tablet is through SRSRoot.

The rooting material we want you to play with is great for many products. Yours will be able to use it for free; so will the others. Two years have gone by till the tablet came out. Its operating system is this version: Android 4.0.4. The SRSRoot is that freeware which can’t do away with an Android OS, no matter the variant. It is also incapable of delivering bugs and other security problems to your device. The processor of your tablet is of this kind: 1400 MHz. The speed it usually delivered will change; this will help the gadget move faster.Galaxy-Note-10.1-SHW-M480W

The advantages of this method

The SRSRoot app shall not deliver bloatware. It will, instead, have battery and customization tweaks. You will be able to make very good use of this freeware’s root-only apps. Not only that, but this rooting solution comes with admin and superuser permission. New features and custom ROMs make your tablet’s life easier, too. This tool is powered by an SRS Server. There’s a need for a compatible Build ID to help with the rooting. Try this one out: IMM76D.M480WKAALH1. If you have plans of using another one, do so without worries.

Apart from offering the above, the freeware has another useful ability. It easily eliminates your device’s root access. On the other hand, it separates the gadget from its warranty. This is how to grab it back: use a dedicated guide.

Another thing to be careful about is when you upgrade the tablet. This is tricky, especially if you have root access on it. The problems with such a scenario: the system partition is cleared out. Same happens with the root access. No such issues will alter the data. These will also be left out of damage: the internal and external SD cards.


Related to a rooting are requirements. They want you to do this:

  • a bunch of USB drivers which are right for your tablet can be downloaded on the laptop from over here;
  • at the end of this download, have them installed on that laptop;
  • saving the tablet’s data in case of damage should be done by performing regular backups;
  • the tablet’s pre-installed battery must be charged for this rooting;
  • create a full NANDroid backup;
  • the operating system which goes well with your laptop is Windows;
  • your tablet should have its security programs deactivated;
  • the same deactivation needs to be applied to the laptop’s security software;
  • USB Debugging must be activated on the tablet.

Step by step instructions

A variety of steps have to be applied to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi SHW-M480W. Without them you won’t have a rooted device.

  1. Let’s begin by directing you to this website. This page contains a download button. By clicking on it, the laptop will end up with the SRSRoot.
  2. The app’s download asks for several minutes’ waiting time. When this part ends and the freeware is on your laptop, install it, then be sure it’s open on this product.
  3. After it is, we need you to enable Menu and Settings on the tablet. When the two have been successfully turned on, you should also tap the option under Settings. You’ll find it as Unknown Sources.
  4. The activation of these options already performed, there’s something else you have to do. This is the step where USB Debugging needs to be activated if you failed to turn it on not too long ago.
  5. Now for the next stage: start the creation of a plugging between the laptop and your tablet. This asks for the latter’s USB cable. The next best thing to be performed is this: begin the tablet’s rooting.
  6. Now that you’ve reached this phase, have this option tapped: Root Device (All Methods). Something of this importance will need no more, no less than 15 minutes (the procedure can, however, finish in 10 minutes).
  7. Receiving root access may not finish in 10-15 minutes. When this situation appears, we advise you to repeat the steps applied till now. Then move on to the last stage.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This one has you tap a certain option to bring your Samsung SHW-M480W back to life. This is the name of that option: Reboot System Now. The gadget will therefore restart on its own.
  9. From this moment on, prepare to have a taste of the root access and your improved device. The SRSRoot is ready to unroot the gadget should that be what you wish for.

If issues with the rooting affect the experience, our comment box is ready to receive your questions.