How to root Sony Xperia M C1904

You’ll have plenty to do with Sony Xperia M C1904 following its rooting. This is a very important method of experiencing things your device hasn’t had before. It will all begin shortly!

A device like yours that appeared in June 2013 wishes for a lot of much-needed improvement. That will happen today with SRSRoot. The download and installation of this rooting material are both part of this post. For the time being, you need to know why this tool is used.

The benefits of this procedure

The dedicated tool isn’t an expensive app; on the contrary, you can use this for free. There are also other advantages which recommend it. Like the fact that it helps you personalize the smartphone. These customization options come together with others; these improve the phone’s battery life. The SRSRoot is powered by an SRS Server. Thanks to it, the Sony Xperia M C1904 will welcome various new features and root-only apps. What’s even better is that the freeware is available with custom ROMs, as well. Admin / superuser permission come along, too.Sony-Xperia-M-C1904

All of the above is possible via an app which offers no security threats once flashed. The SRSRoot can also bring its novelties on many gadgets released by different manufacturers. Even more than that: the freeware improves the phone’s dual-core 1 GHz Krait processor. It will not erase the device’s Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. This rooting instrument changes your phone for the better no matter what Android variant it features. You have to look for a Build ID if you want a smooth rooting. We prepared this one for you: 15.1.C.2.8. The SRSRoot lets you use its new stuff if another Build ID’s been used. That’s because it applies to many different ones.

Rooting is a procedure that leaves the handset devoid of its default warranty. Discovering a tutorial that restores it should be your job. That guide must only apply to your smartphone model. In order to become an upgrade, these will go away: the root access and after that the system partition. The data as well as the internal / external SD cards are left alone.


The guidelines below are compulsory:

  • the following link will direct you to the place where USB drivers are;
  • these work very well with your handset, so they must be downloaded on your laptop;
  • install the drivers there;
  • enable USB Debugging on your Sony Xperia M;
  • perform a backup that will protect the content of your handset;
  • generate, afterwards, a full NANDroid backup;
  • the laptop’s OS must be the Windows version;
  • your smartphone must be featuring a charged battery;
  • all of your phone’s and laptop’s security programs must be turned off during the rooting.

Step by step instructions

The above, called requirements, must be completed before the rooting. If they’re been taken care of, steps will follow.

  1. Such as this one: open, using your laptop, this particular site. Following its launch, see if you spot a download button. After seeing it, make sure you click on it with your mouse.
  2. Applying this first step lets the SRSRoot appear on your laptop after the download. Be sure to flash and open the freeware on the same device next.
  3. This is the next step: tap Menu, activate Settings and enable Unknown Sources. The last of these options is under the second one on our list.
  4. From here, have the following tapped, too: USB Debugging. The option may already be activated; if so, let this step behind you.
  5. Move to the following action: with the phone’s USB cord, create a connection between the device and your laptop. This won’t be a lengthy process; in a couple of minutes you’ll be able to start another task.
  6. This time, you need to initiate the rooting of your phone. There’s nothing easier to do here than to tap Root Device (All Methods) on this gadget.
  7. Immediately after doing as much, the Sony C1904 will begin the process. This is something which isn’t going to be over in a few minutes.
  8. An approximate duration between 10 and 15 minutes. The answer to a procedure that takes too long: make sure the previous steps are repeated once again.
  9. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After this is finished accordingly, have the Sony Xperia M C1904 rebooted. Make that happen by using the following method: activate Reboot System Now.

The handset should have restarted by now. This means that you can explore its modifications. Experiment with the root access. Remove it if it doesn’t rise up to what you expected of it. The SRSRoot is an excellent unrooting method.

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