Update Samsung Nexus 10 with SentinelROM Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM

Samsung Nexus 10 is not left out of the world of tutorials. We are adding another one to our long list, and we will include, in it, the best way to flash Android 4.2.2 on this tablet using SentinelROM.


If this is what you really are after, then prepare your device by rooting it and installing a custom recovery image, create a backup using this tutorial, install USB Drivers for it on your PC, charge the battery inside, use the Nexus 10 that has both its carrier and its bootloader already unlocked and turn on USB debugging.

Important instructions

  1. Open your laptop and and Gapps archive from this page (you must choose the file called gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip) on it. Once your comp has both files on it, plug the tablet to it.
  2. Copy the files from their place and paste them to the memory card root of the Google Nexus 10, wait for them to transfer to the new place and then unplug the devices from each other. google-nexus-10
  3. Switch the tablet off and boot it into recovery mode.
  4. Operate a complete NANDroid backup; after you do that, you need to return to the gadget’s main recovery menu and operate three tasks: a full data wipe, a wipe of the cache partition and a wipe of the Dalvik cache. Here is how: opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data, choose Yes, return to the recovery main menu, choose Wipe Cache Partition and, finally, select Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  5. Now that each of the operations below has been performed successfully, the fifth step is telling you to opt for Install zip from SD card.
  6. The sixth step advises you to go for the option called Choose zip from SD card, then opt for the SentinelROM archive and choose it via Power.
  7. Confirm its flashing on the Nexus 10. As soon as everything is performed as indicated, the ROM will begin to install on the tablet and you have to also flash the Gapps on the device; here is how we recommend you to do it: repeat everything from that’s in the sixth and seventh step, but instead of the SentinelROM zip file, opt for the Google Apps file.
  8. The next step, which is the eighth, will ask you to return to the main recovery menu.
  9. Choose the system restarting while there, then have patience for around five minutes till you see that the tablet reboots and then boots into the ROM we introduced in the beginning of this guide.

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Did you get stuck in boot? Has your Samsung Nexus 10 run across an infinite boot loop? Solve both issues by performing a complete wipe cache partition together with a full wipe dalvik cache for a number of 5 minutes. Then reboot the gadget. Returning the device to its previous ROM is very easy: reboot it into Recovery, choose the option that says Backup&Restore, then choose the ROM from the list that will soon pop on the display of the tablet.

In order to get away from a “Status 7 error“, all you need to do is get a compatible ROM on the Nexus 10 and only after doing so are you able to flash the SentinelROM.

  • Thanks for the article. SentinelROM v4.30 is now available.
    for details and to download.

    • Catalin Nichita

      Thank you for the great ROM! 🙂