How to Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013

Today we chose to include Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013 on our ever-growing list of “How to”. This tablet has garnered a lot of fans since it’s official release, so it was only a matter of time for an user to ask “But how do I install a custom recovery image on it?”.

This is a question we’ll provide an answer for in this tutorial, so stick around. In our guide you will also be advised to follow some requirements before actually installing such a tool.


Here they are: you must create a backup, the gadget needs to be rooted and also feature a bootloader which is unlocked, your computer must operate Windows, every single security program on both the device and the laptop must be turned off, you have to charge the battery of the tablet, make a full backup, turn USB Debugging on it and install a custom ROM firmware. Galaxy-Note-10.1-N8013

After you install either ClockworkMod Recovery or TeamWin Project Recovery, the warranty of the Note 10.1 GT-N8013 will disappear. Our method of getting it back is made of two options: either you upgrade the gadget with Samsung’s official firmware or you downgrade the device to the original ROM.

For our guide we chose the TeamWin Project Recovery option. Here is the tutorial which will help you install it on the Galaxy Note 10.1 N8013.

Important instructions

  1. Download and save Odin 3.07 and on your laptop. After you get Odin, you have to , then launch the Odin itself. Once the download of Kies is complete, you need to get the drivers which were made for this particular tablet and then switch the latter off.
  2. Reboot the gadget in Download Mode and, after this operation is done, you will be required to plug the tablet to the laptop. If ID:COM goes yellow and you see ADDED on the touchscreen, the two devices were connected successfully and you should now go to Odin.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When you are there, you have to choose PDA.
  4. Select the update file from step 1 and tap on Start.
  5. Next comes the fifth step, which tells you to wait for PASS to come on the display; when it appears, you need to disconnect the two devices from each other and reboot the tablet (tap on Power and Volume Up to gain access to the Recovery Mode). If the ID:COM retains its default color instead of turning yellow, then you need to install the drivers once more and follow the steps all over again, starting with the first one.
  6. Step 6: you will maybe experience something called “infinite boot loop“. The problem can be solved like this. Reboot the Note 10.1 GT-N8013 in Recovery Mode and opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data and afterwards for Wipe Cache Partition. Next: select Go back and then choose the system restarting option.