How to Root Sony Xperia P on Any Firmware

We’ve already talked before here, at DroidGator, about the many advantages of rooting a device. To make it even more clear, we decided to teach you how to root your Sony Xperia P with any kind of firmware.

So, if you’re on the brink of grabbing important upgrades, customize your phone and such, this tutorial’s got all that it takes for your immediate needs. Including pre-requisites that must be considered. They’re not many, but they’re definitely very important. To know more about them, read the following paragraph.


To root your handset successfully, you have to charge its battery if it’s out of life support, then use a laptop whose operating system is Windows, turn off the security software it contains, create backups on the Xperia P, deactivate the programs your phone uses to protect itself against malicious factors and turn on USB debugging on your handset. Here is what you need to do after the warranty which comes with your phone is lost: find official Samsung software or get the stock ROM again.Sony-Xperia-P

Since we no longer need to discuss requirements, we will, instead, present to you the steps required for the rooting of the Sony Xperia P.

Important instructions

  1. The tutorial is welcomed by step number one, which asks you to on the computer and, once the file is on the desktop, you need to take out all that it contains (the files in this archive have to be featured on the desktop, too). Then you will be required to go and launch a file known as RunMe.Bat (it’s an executable one).
  2. Step two comes after you complete the actions from the previous step and it instructs you to do as follows: plug, with the help of the phone’s USB cable, the handset to your laptop.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step three requests you to prepare for the rooting process; to enable it, you need to tap on a option you’ll see listed as Start. Have some patience for the rooting to begin and then reach its end.
  4. For step number four you will have to make sure that the smartphone and the laptop are no longer plugged one to the other; because if they are, the Xperia P won’t go into the rebooting phase. Once more, wait a bit till the rebooting is complete.
  5. Final step, the fifth, asks you to access the official Google Store.
  6. From there, find and download it. It will tell you if the phone is rooted or not.

  • Torry Apes

    Great guide guys. Thank you developer for this rooting method. My phone works fine and was rooted in just few minutes.