Install Paranoid Android 4.2.1 tradition ROM for Google Nexus 4 (LG E960)

Installing a custom ROM on a smartphone is by every means a very easy feat to accomplish. And that’s because there are guides to help you achieve your goal.

Such a tutorial is this one today. You will soon learn, from it, how to get Paranoid Android 4.2.1 tradition ROM on your Google Nexus 4 (LG E960).


In our guide you will also notice some elements called requirements. You will need, according to them, to prepare your device for this procedure in the following manner: turn on an option called USB debugging, make a backup (both a normal and a NANDroid one), fill up the battery of the handset, sync the people on your Contacts list and the messages to the Gmail account you own, get a custom recovery image and see if your phone has one of those unlocked bootloaders.LG-Nexus-4-E960

The next stage of our tutorial will start soon.

Important instructions

  1. Download and save it to your laptop’s desktop. Then download a second file called and save it to the desktop, as well. Now your Nexus 4 LG E960 as well as your computer need to be connected one to the other so that the files feature on the smartphone’s SD card.
  2. For step 2 you have to unplug the two devices from each other and switch the handset off. Next: select and simultaneously keep selected the buttons labelled Power and Volume Down so you can boot the phone into Recovery mode. Once you see that this action has completed, you should opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data and confirm; now choose Install zip from SD card and select Choose zip from SD card.
  3. Step three will require you to locate the Paranoid JB 4.2.1 zip file and confirm that you wish to see it installed on your Nexus 4 E960.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After the installation ends, you will be asked the following: opt for Choose zip from SD card; look for the Google Apps zip file, install it, confirm everything and go back to the new recovery menu. Once you are there, you need to choose the system restarting.
  5. As soon as the rebooting is done, you will be prompted to type your personal info into your Google account. And bam! Your Google Nexus 4 (LG E960) has just been installed with the Paranoid Android tradition ROM.

Should you notice that something must have gone wrong, you need to reset the handset, go back to the second step and redo the guide starting with “select and simultaneously (…)” and ending with the last step in it.