How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I777

Your Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 will thank you for the procedure we prepared for today. Once you’re done with this tutorial, your device is going to have access to many surprises. More on the latter below.

When you root a gadget, the latter welcomes a generous display of novel things. All of them contribute to the improvement of various parts of the phone.

We chose, for your device, this rooting software: SRSRoot. It doesn’t cost a thing and it displays all the rooting goodies you’ve always wanted. Like a faster CPU, longer battery life and so on. We’ll touch upon each of these novelties below.

For starters, you should know that the SRSRoot app also acts as an excellent unrooting method. Moreover, it provides support for many brands and it’s powered by an SRS Server, too. When it comes to OS compatibility, this software supports every Android variant ever launched. Including the one on your smartphone, which is this: Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.Galaxy-S2-SGH-I777

The advantages of this method

There’s no limit to what Build IDs can be used for the phone’s rooting. We personally went with this one: IML74K.117.

Coming back to the advantages you get in exchange for a rooted handset, your model gets to choose from a large list. Also known as Samsung SGH-I777 and Samsung Attain, the phone will get a taste of new features and customization options. It will also receive root-only apps, custom ROMs and superuser permission. There’s also the fact that this app offers admin permission to go with everything else.

How about we introduce some cons now? Because there are some disadvantages to expect from today’s rooting. You won’t be able, for instance, to keep the warranty. And that’s not all. What we’re about to say will only happen if you update a rooted device. If such a thing should be decided upon, the phone won’t have the following: root access and its system partition. The upgrade will not mess up your handset’s important data. Fortunately still, the internal and external SD cards will stay on your device.


After finding out what cons there are to a rooting procedure, let’s see what pre-requisites to apply:

  • a backup is a sure way to save the device’s data, so generate one;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also recommended;
  • activate USB Debugging on the phone;
  • the OS version on the laptop should be none other than Windows;
  • charge the handset’s battery, too;
  • USB drivers compatible with the handset are on this page;
  • install them on your laptop;
  • the security software that’s on your laptop needs to be deactivated;
  • disable the phone’s security programs.

Step by step instructions

The rooting process will soon begin. So get the Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 and your notebook ready for the steps below!

  1. To begin the procedure without problems, proceed to our first step. It requires the owner of this phone to download the SRSRoot software on their laptop.
  2. The most appropriate way to do so involves going here. That page will have a download button. Click on it to begin the app’s download on the device we suggested. Install the app next, then open it.
  3. The action that will come next tells you to do the following: tap Menu and Settings. Under the second option you will come across an option called Unknown Sources.
  4. You will be requested to do this after you find it: enable it. Have you turned USB Debugging on? If you haven’t, we suggest enabling it after you’re done turning the other option on.
  5. Now provide a connection between your Samsung SGH-I777 and laptop. A sure way to get the plugging to work is if you use the smartphone’s USB cord.
  6. Once a connection is generated between your 2 devices, you’ll be ready to get the rooting going. Begin the process via this action: tap Root Device (All Methods). As for how much you should wait until the rooting is almost over, we recommend 10-15 minutes.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]It’s always a good idea to repeat the previous steps should the rooting take longer. If the rooting finishes after those minutes are up, you have to reboot your phone. Then disconnect it from your laptop.

And you’re now done. The Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 is finally a rooted smartphone. That means you get to have a go at the novelties we just commented on above.

If need be, don’t forget to use the same dedicated SRSRoot app to unroot the handset.

Use the box below to leave questions about the procedure!