How to root Lenovo IdeaPad K1

As soon as word got out that Lenovo would release a new tablet very soon, the company’s faithful consumers wanted to buy it as soon as possible. All because of its many positive reviews online.

But many could not get over the fact that its operating system wasn’t Android 4.0. And the manufacturer didn’t say a word on whether or not an update would happen some time after they launched the device. So the same people who got this particular model wanted to find a way to root it. Such a way was made available by one of the very helpful developers belonging to the great XDA Developers forum.


However, some words of warning are in order right about now before we tell you what steps to follow.

  • First: use our guide only if the model you bought is the IdeaPad Ki U.S. version.
  • Second tip: use a comp which boasts Windows.
  • Third: locate and after that install the appropriate APX drivers on your laptop if they’re not featured.
  • Advice number four: keep in mind that the IdeaPad K1 is going to have its ID replaced with the ID used for Xoom.
  • Fifth tip: make sure that the tablet is pre-rooted with a ROM that ships with ClockworkMod.
  • Number six on our list: download and .Lenovo-IdeaPad-K1

Got all of the above noted down and checked? Good, then you are now halfway through our guide on how to root the Lenovo IdeaPad K1. What follows are the steps required for this kind of procedure to work out without hiccups.

Important instructions

  1. First step should go like this: keep the tablet turned off before you do anything else. Select the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds.
  2. After this comes step number two for which you need to select the Power button; now wait for the panel to close and the LED to blink afterwards. This is going to make the tablet easy to enter in the APX mode.
  3. Step number three will need you to simply connect the PC and the tablet via the USB cord shipping with your gadget and then unzip the archive into a dedicated folder.
  4. For the following step, the fourth one, you are required to access the extraction directory.
  5. Once there, step number five is going to need the following from you: execute the flash-windows.bat file using the double click method.

That concludes what you have to do so that your Lenovo IdeaPad K1 is rooted. And that translates into a brand new rooted stock of Honeycomb 3.2. among other things you will discover on your own soon after you complete the guide. If you had trouble understanding some of our steps, leave a comment below.