How to root ZTE Grand X

If you own a smartphone that’s not as popular as today’s biggest bits, you can still root it easily. There’s a method for everyone with every kind of gadget, be it very famous or unknown. Such a device is on our list today. More specifically: it’s ZTE’s Grand X that we are going to talk about. So if you want to know how to root it, check out our tutorial below.


While we can understand that you are eager to read our guide, we have to tell you that you need to first attend to some requirements. They are here to make sure that the procedure doesn’t end in failure. So what are these requirements we’re talking about? One of them says as follows: make a backup first and foremost. Then download , and .

How to install ClockworkMod Recovery

Before rooting the phone, it’s best to install ClockworkMod Recovery. That can be done with the help of very easy to follow steps.

  1. The first one advises you to move the files you downloaded on the PC, in a dedicated directory. Now unzip the files from CWM Recovery to the same directory, too.
  2. For step 2 you need to grab hold of the phone’s USB cable and use it to perform a connection between the laptop and the phone. After you are done, initiate the execution of the recovery.bat file via the usual double click method.
  3. Step 3: select, from the list of options you’ll notice soon, the one called Option-2.
  4. For step number 4 you need to have some patience till the phone is flashed with ClockworkMod Recovery.ZTE-Grand-X

The time has come to learn how to root the device.

How to root the phone

  1. Step 1 asks the user to perform a connection between the PC and the Grand X; use the same USB cable we mentioned in our other tutorial just now. Then move the Pre-Rooted Stock ROM archive to the root directory of the phone’s memory card.
  2. Step 2: unzip the Fastboot archive to the desktop.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 3: look for two files called adb.exe and fastboot.exe. Now launch the command line using the Start > Cmd method, described in our tutorials.
  4. For the fourth step you have to opt for Open command window here and then type “adb reboot recovery” message in the empty field via the command line.
  5. Step 5 is going to need you to wait till the Grand X restarts in the ClockworkMod Recovery and, when it does, you will have to access the Recovery Menu.
  6. Step 6: once there, select Factory reset/Wipe data and then opt for Zip from SD card installation.
  7. For the seventh step you are asked to select choose ZIP from SD card and then opt for the Stock ROM file.
  8. Step 8 is the final one. You are required to wait till the flashing ends, then go to the Recovery menu. When you are in it, opt for Reboot system now.

Your ZTE Grand X has just been rooted!

  • Thomas Heuving

    I own a ZTE Mimosa X, which is a Swisscom-branded ZTE Grand X withe the tegra chipset. Can I root my device with the files mentioned above?

    • Steve Huguenin

      Same for me, I wonder if they put a special jail in their android Rom, which is the buggiest I have ever tested.

  • Catalin Nichita

    I’ve updated the link. It was my mistake. Don’t be so agitated… you can use Google if something is broken.

  • Joe Esparza

    I need to root a zte z970

  • cbcvc

    “Now launch the command line using the Start > Cmd method, described in our tutorials.” and where is that