How to Root Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500L

Now’s the perfect time to have Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500L rooted. With SRSRoot having been around for quite a while, you’re in for a great time with your phone. Just install this app and you’ll see what that’s about!

Let’s see why this app is such a great rooting tool. First off, this is a free of charge app. Second: it is powered by the SRS Server. Third: you can also use it as an unrooting option.

But this application is also very easy to download, install and use. More still, this software doesn’t affect your phone by subjecting it to security threats. Better still, you can enjoy root access without worrying about bloatware.

These aren’t the only pros of using SRSRoot for your Samsung S7500L. You will be able to use apps that need a rooted device. Also, you will get different options to customize the phone. Admin and superuser permission are delivered, as are new features. The list of goodies is made of custom ROMs, too. Apart from these, the handset’s going to feature battery tweaks to help improve it.

The benefits of this method

Your smartphone’s been on the market since 2012. The today’s app will improve its 1 GHz Cortex-A5 processor. Which means that the processor will have superior speed overall. The device’s Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread won’t be affected; the SRSRoot doesn’t mind the Android OS version your handset sports.Galaxy-Ace-Plus-S7500L

It also doesn’t mind if you want to use a certain Build ID or another. For our post we selected this one: GINGERBREAD.DCLG1. This rooting app is available for numerous brands.

Your smartphone may need an upgrade one day. You can get one, but the device will have to give up some of its stuff. If an upgrade firmware is installed on it, the system partition and the full access will be affected. You won’t be able to enjoy either of them. Still, you will not lose your phone’s internal or its external SD cards. As for its important documents, files and such, you will still have them within reach.


As far as preparations before the rooting go, you have to consider the following:

  • create, for the phone’s crucial content, some standard backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup is what you should perform next;
  • USB Debugging on the smartphone must be turned on;
  • your phone must have its battery charged fully;
  • USB drivers that fit your Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500L should be installed on your notebook;
  • open the phone’s security software;
  • turn it off;
  • then launch the security programs on your laptop;
  • disable them;
  • the OS inside your notebook has to be Windows instead of a different one.

Step by step instructions

Time to start the rooting of your smartphone. It will all go smoothly, provided the following steps are executed.

  1. Begin the first one by downloading, on your notebook, the app necessary for this procedure. The only secure place you should get it from is here. That way your handset is going to be safe from bugs, viruses and other security issues.
  2. When your laptop has the SRSRoot app, you need to install it. Then launch it and do this next: activate Menu on your phone.
  3. If it’s launched, activate Settings, look under it and you should see Unknown Sources. If you’ve already spotted it, our recommendation is this: tap this option.
  4. You have another step coming up: go to your phone and search for USB Debugging. If the latter hasn’t been tapped till now, then you can just activate it while you’re at this point in our guide.
  5. As soon as this option is enabled, do the following: activate a plugging between your phone and laptop. When said connection is achieved with your phone’s USB cord, get ready to root the device.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Root Device (All Methods) is the option that will begin this procedure. When about 14 minutes are up, the rooting will have almost finished.
  7. Simply complete the process by doing this: reboot the Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500L. If the smartphone’s restarted, you will only have to open the phone and begin the exploration of your rooted device!

There’s a chance you may not enjoy the root access. If this is true, then just use the same app to revoke the root access.

You can always go to the comment field under this guide and drop questions for us!