How to Root HTC Wildfire S A510e

HTC Wildfire S A510e is going to have a go at SRSRoot. This tool is used for rooting various gadgets. We’ll use it on your smartphone so that you end up with a wealth of new stuff!

First, let’s see what Build ID we selected for the rooting: R24. This isn’t the only Build ID you can use; the SRSRoot is a method which is compatible with loads others. But you should use today’s guide only if you have the HTC Wildfire S A510e. You will have a bricked device by the end of this post if you don’t take this into account.

If there’s full access on your smartphone, there’s also loads of novelties. They will be delivered by this special software so that your phone gets better. They translate, for starters, into the following: battery improvement and root-only apps. After these, other goodies will be available: new features and custom ROMs. If you’ve always wanted the possibility to customize your handset, the rooting will let you do that. If you want new features, your phone will also get them. What your device will be spared of is this: security problems.HTC-Wildfire-S-A510e

The benefits

If you want to know what happens with a rooted smartphone once the procedure’s over: the warranty will be deleted from it. Also, you won’t enjoy its system partition or its root access if you plan on bringing Android updates on it. Other than that, nothing bad will happen after the rooting. Both important data and internal / external SD cards will be spared. Instead, you’ll have both admin and superuser permission.

Your handset won’t lose its current Android version if you root it. The SRSRoot tool provides compatibility with a wide array of Android OS variants. It also works equally well with different gadget manufacturers. It’s free to get on your device and you can use it to unroot the phone any time you want.


Before you install the SRSRoot software, some basic pre-requisites must be revealed:

  • the HTC Wildfire S A510e has to function with a fully charged battery during the rooting;
  • perform backups to save the phone’s data from serious damage during the procedure;
  • you should make use of these tips to manage a full NANDroid backup;
  • install, from this page, the right USB drivers for your phone on the laptop;
  • turn off the security programs running on your phone;
  • turn off the security programs running on the laptop;
  • enable USB Debugging on the smartphone;
  • the current OS running on the notebook should be Windows.

Step by step instructions

If your HTC Wildfire S A510e is done with these necessary preparations, you can start the actual rooting stage. You’ll only need a short amount of time to gain the access to the core of your handset! The SRSRoot is a tool which provides much ease of use. And you won’t have problems with its download and installation.

  1. To actually download this software on the laptop, we recommend going to this webpage. There you’ll discover the real tool instead of a fake one full of viruses.
  2. Once you’re on the page we recommended and you see a download button: tap it. The tool is going to be downloaded on the laptop you’re using. Allow it to do that, then install the file. Don’t forget to open it when the flashing’s done.
  3. The next step to be performed tells you this: enable the option known as Unknown Sources. If you’ve never heard of it: you’ll find it after you tap Menu and Settings on your smartphone.
  4. Should you have not turned USB Debugging on before: perform this task after you’re done with the previous one.
  5. Once all the right options have been enabled, you will have to provide a connection between the phone and your laptop. As a general rule: use your phone’s USB cable to create that connection.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If there’s a connection between them after a couple of minutes are up, good. You should perform this step: click on the option labelled Root Device (All Methods).
  7. This is the part where the actual rooting will begin. Remember to reboot the A510e once the process is completed.

If the procedure doesn’t go well, there’s a comment field right underneath our tutorial. Ask us questions there and we’ll do our best to provide the right answer!

If you plan on following an unrooting procedure, you can use the SRSRoot like we mentioned.

  • Rahul

    There is no usb debugging option in the HTC Wildfire S.Is there another way of enabling developer options ?

  • Clemo Chiku Chiwanda

    —= SRS One-Click-Root v5.1 =—

    1:13:03 AM – Starting ADB Server..
    1:13:07 AM – Manufacturer: HTC
    1:13:08 AM – Model: HTC Wildfire S A510e
    1:13:08 AM – Android Version: 2.3.5
    1:13:08 AM – Build ID: GRJ90
    1:13:08 AM – Board ID: marvel
    1:13:08 AM – Chipset Platform: msm7k
    1:13:08 AM – Getting OffSets.. : 0x8003 0x8005 (False)
    1:13:08 AM – Query Server for Best Method.. Found Rootkit: 4

    —-= Start Rooting Process.. Please Wait =—-

    1:13:10 AM Auto Root Failed on this device. 🙁

    1:13:10 AM Rebooting Device and try again…
    xxxxxxxTHIS IS WHAT ITS GIVING MExxxxxx
    anything I can do??