Install Jelly Bean 4.3 HellFire Custom ROM on Galaxy S3 I747

We are here to tell you that you can update your AT&T Galaxy S3 I747 to Jelly Bean 4.3. How? With a custom ROM going by the simple name of HellFire. When this firmware we found is installed on your phone, you will see that the latter will show you just how much an update means to a device.

The particular trait about the HellFire Android 4.3 custom ROM is the fact that it offers both speed and smoothness along with stability, numerous ways of customizing the phone, longer battery and new features. Other novelties: improved performance, new apps and so on.


All of this and more will make themselves available after you first consider the next few pre-requisites:

How to flash HellFire firmware on your device

  1. Now the new ROM is ready to be a part of your smartphone. Here’s how the first step should unravel: download Google Apps from here and (file name: on the laptop.
  2. Plug, after that, the phone to the laptop with the handset’s USB cable, then do this: copy the two files from the desktop of your notebook and then make sure they are sent over to the SD card root of the phone (don’t move them somewhere else).
  3. Now power the device off. After the Galaxy S3 I747 is not on anymore, we recommend you to unplug the same from the laptop and then just enter your phone in Recovery Mode. How to do that? Read the following: power your handset on while simultaneously pressing and holding Volume Up, Home and Power.
  4. After doing that, you should operate a full data wipe and a cache wipe by choosing these options: Factory Reset/Wipe Data and Wipe Cache Partition. Then go to Recovery, tap Advanced and be sure to choose Wipe Dalvik Cache so that the phone’s Dalvik cache is also erased.
  5. Having just performed these actions, you need to follow them up with a new one: after you are back in your phone’s Recovery screen, you should opt for Install zip from SD card, then select another option called Choose zip from SD card.
  6. Now pay a short visit to the update zip file via the Volume buttons. Once you’ve reached the destination, you should opt for this file with Power.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then remember to confirm the file’s flashing and then wait till the latter is where it belongs. In order to smoothly install the Google Apps on the same phone, you need to do what you did when you installed the new HellFire Jelly Bean 4.3 firmware. Then, once this tool is also selected to be flashed on your handset, confirm the installation and wait once more.
  8. At the end of both files’ flashing on your Galaxy S3 I747, you have to go to +++Go Back+++. Now do the following: select the restarting option from the device’s recovery menu. This shall reboot your smartphone in a jiffy.