How to use barcode squares (QR codes) to get apps

If you have ever had trouble finding a certain app when you needed to use it the most, there is now a solution which solves this issue in the best way possible. We are presenting it to you in our How to article below. This solution is named QR codes by its creator.

A barcode square is a coded information in two dimensional barcodes; with its help, the entire Android Market is able to provide you direct links to different applications that are all very fun to use. A short name for these very useful creations is QR codes. is one of the many Internet sites that uses these codes to make it easier for an Android user to locate whatever apps he or she wants at any given time. All in all, we recommend this tool to anyone with an Android-running gadget, because it is very practical.


Important instructions

  1. In order for everything to go smoothly if you want to experience the QR codes, you need a barcode scanner device first and foremost; this one is available in the Android Market. It is a device capable to read and to translate the QR code into the necessary url. After you locate this Barcode Scanner apps, download it on your device next. This is step number one.
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step number two will need you to open the tool. Once it’s launched, the display of your smartphone will show a red mark in its place, which means that you need to select with the camera device the QR code; this way the camera is going to quickly zoom the barcode and you will get to read what the code says in a couple of seconds of waiting.
  3. For step number three you must wait few moments until you will see a message on the display of your gadget. This message should read the following: Found URL.
  4. The next step, which is number four, requires you to tap the key that reads Open Browser.
  5. This action brings us to step number five: you will see the previous action accessing the wanted application from its location on your device. And this is all there is to our guide. The whole process does not really take much of your time.

But the thing is, you may not be able to successfully scan a code after you are done with the steps aboveShould that happen to your device, do this: shut down the application and see whether or not your phone’s camera lens is somehow blocked by dust or something else. If there is something like that, then you should clean it and try again. If the device still does not work well with the QR codes, then repeat the guide.