Install Jelly Bean 4.3 UCUEMJ2 leaked ROM on Galaxy S3 SGH-I747

Our tutorial wishes the following: that all owners of AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 can fully enjoy a leaked ROM called Android 4.3 UCUEMJ2 Jelly Bean.

The ROM in question comes in two versions: one is modified and the other isn’t. The former has SE-Linux and KNOWXX disabled and is already rooted. The second version doesn’t come with a root, but it’s full stock; also, the SE-Linux and the KNOX are turned on.


The requirements for both of these versions are the following:

  • root your smartphone via this guide or a similar one;
  • install TeamWin Recovery Project or ClockworkMod Recovery from here on it;
  • use the factory unlocked Galaxy S3 I747;
  • create backups using the instructions from this tutorial;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • install USB drivers for this particular phone on your PC or laptop;
  • charge the device’s battery.Galaxy-S3-I747


Instructions for the modified ROM

  1. If our pre-requisites have been followed, you should now dedicate all the time and attention you have to the steps in this tutorial. We will first teach you how to upgrade your Samsung I747 to the ROM that is modified. Start by getting the on your laptop.
  2. Then download, on the same laptop, a modem / bootloader tool from and plug the handset to the notebook afterwards. Here is what you should do for the second step: move the two files from the laptop to the SD card root of the phone and unplug your devices from each other once the end of this transfer approaches.
  3. Once the smartphone is turned off, you will have to boot it into Recovery Mode, something that needs to be performed as detailed here: press Volume Up, Home and Power together.
  4. Then you should operate a factory reset by doing as follows in case TWRP is on your handset: tap “Wipe” and confirm by swiping a blue-colored button. If your phone holds the CWM, you should perform the factory reset by choosing, first, the option named Factory Reset/Wipe Data and then confirming this. If done, you can go back to the Recovery Mode screen.
  5. When you’re back there, you should install the Modem/Bootloader file. An operation which is done by performing the following steps if TWRP is running: tap “Install” and then, once you locate a d2att_I747UCUEMJ2_bootloader_modem .zip archive, you should confirm this file’s flashing; do that by performing a swipe of a blue key.
  6. To install the Modem/Bootloader file if the CWM is, instead, on your handset: choose Install zip from SD card, opt for Choose zip from SD card, look for the d2att_I747UCUEMJ2_bootloader_modem .zip file and confirm.
  7. The ROM’s flashing can begin now. If the TWRP is part of your phone, you will have to tap “Install” and confirm the flashing of the d2att_I747UCUEMJ2_root_noknox archive.
  8. Then, should you have the CWM on your handset instead, you will need to choose Install zip from SD card, select Choose zip from SD card and confirm the installation of the d2att_ I747UCUEMJ2_root_noknox .zip.
  9. Go back to the Recovery screen as soon as you are done with everything and restart the handset in Normal Mode.

Instructions for the unmodified ROM

To flash the unmodified version of the today’s leaked ROM, follow this second tutorial below.

  1. For the time being, we ask you to download Modem/Bootloader .zip archive from along with the on your comp or laptop.
  2. Now that you are done with this part, you should plug the handset to the notebook or PC, copy and paste both of the files to the phone’s SD card root and, after they are moved there, you should unplug the Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 from your laptop and switch it off.
  3. Now enter the device in Recovery Mode. Prepare to apply a factory reset like this if your phone has the CWM installed on it: after you opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data you will need to confirm the factory reset. If the TWRP is involved, we urge you to tap “Wipe” and confirm by swiping the same old blue button.
  4. Next on the menu: the flashing of that Modem/Bootloader .zip archive. This must happen, if your phone runs the TWRP, in the following manner: once you are done tapping “Install”, you will have to look for the d2att_I747UCUEMJ2_root_noknox .zip and make sure you confirm its installation. However, if you use the CWM, you need to choose the options called Install zip from SD card and Choose zip from SD card, then confirm the flashing of the d2att_ I747UCUEMJ2_root_noknox file.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]What you should concern yourself with next: the flashing of the update file. This part will also depend on the kind of custom recovery. Should the latter be the CWM: choose both Install zip from SD card and Choose zip from SD card; then confirm the installation of the d2att_ I747UCUEMJ2_stock_noroot .zip file. In case you prefer the TWRP: tap “Install” and confirm the flashing of the same zip file.
  6. As soon as you are back in the handset’s Recovery screen, it’s advisable to restart the smartphone. Afterwards you should run to your Gmail, type in your details there and make the best out of the Android 4.3 UCUEMJ2 Jelly Bean ROM for your Galaxy S3 I747!

  • pAul

    Ok so i already root my att galaxy s3 with 4.3. Im on a rooted stock 4.1.2, do i need to install the modem and bootloader to install the rooted version or no?

    • pAul

      I hated this! it’s so stupidly un-stock!