How to Root Galaxy S2 HD LTE SGH-I757M

Today’s the day your Galaxy S2 HD LTE SGH-I757M gets a taste of root access. The introduction of the latter to your phone is done with a dedicated app. Things will then start to change for the device!

Dealing with a rooting app has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get the latter out of the way. The phone will have its system partition deleted once you install an update firmware. The root access will be no more on your handset. The Samsung SGH-I757M comes with an internal and an external SD card; both of them will remain unaffected by a potential upgrade. Likewise, the device’s important data will stay undamaged. When the device is rooted at last, the default warranty shall be revoked. This doesn’t mean you cannot have it restored. There are tutorials that work with this phone; use one of them to retrieve the warranty without problems.

The benefits of this method

Now for the advantages that arrive with root access. Your handset was first thrown on the market in 2012. The SRSRoot is free to use on whatever gadget you wish to root, no matter its release date or manufacturer. The app is OK with all of the Android OS versions Google sent out till now. Your own handset uses Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Have you always wanted to try out new stuff? The SRSRoot will make your dreams come true; starting with the addition of many new features. Likewise, the phone’ll have a generous amount of root-only apps.Galaxy-S2-HD-LTE-SGH-I757M

Before starting the procedure, decide upon a Build ID. This can be used if you don’t know which one to pick: JZO54K.I757MUGMC5. The app from this post accepts other such tools, as well. Its many qualities include this one: the ability to improve the phone’s 1500 MHz CPU. What’s more, the freeware comes with a wide selection of customization tweaks. An SRS Server powers the app; its presence means custom ROMs, too. It also deals with superuser and admin permission. Battery tweaks are the last novelties to be mentioned.

If you ever feel like experiencing the SGH-I757M without the root access, today’s app can work as an unrooting option. A lack in security problems and bloatware alike also makes the SRSRoot appealing.


The sort of procedure your phone’s getting into cannot happen if you don’t do the following:

  • download USB drivers, by accessing this certain page, on your laptop;
  • once done, install them on that same device;
  • fully charge the phone;
  • create backups to hold on to the handset’s major data;
  • a full NANDroid backup should be performed next;
  • the security programs on-board the phone need to be deactivated;
  • the laptop’s security programs should also be turned off;
  • USB Debugging needs to experience an activation;
  • the laptop must have Windows.

Step by step instructions

Your Galaxy S2 SGH-I757M is now able to enjoy root access. Help it experience that by way of these steps below.

  1. This is the first step: open this link in the laptop’s browser. After that, make sure you look around for a download button. To start the download of the SRSRoot, click on this button.
  2. Stand aside and wait until the freeware is on the necessary device. Install the freeware and open it, after which tap this: Unknown Sources. This option is one which sits under Settings.
  3. After its activation is completed, you should, if you still haven’t, enable one other option; here it is: USB Debugging. Turning it on was one of the requirements; if you’ve activated it before, you can go on with the other steps.
  4. You should now proceed to this action: make sure you connect your phone to the laptop. This task is in need of the handset’s USB cable. As soon as the plugging has happened, you have to let the device receive the rooting.
  5. The procedure has to begin with you activating Root Device (All Methods). Once the start of this process is established, you need only wait for it to end.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After about 14 minutes, you can complete the guide. If after 15 minutes of waiting the rooting hasn’t ended, you should take this route: redo the steps previously performed.
  7. The Galaxy S2 HD LTE SGH-I757M will need a rebooting when everything’s over. This action will require you to do this: enable Reboot System Now. Restarting the phone will be a matter of a couple of minutes.

After that, the rooting novelties will be at your disposal. Enjoy the lot of them; this way you’ll find out whether they’re as expected or not. When the time comes, be rid of root access with the SRSRoot.

A rooting doesn’t always go well. Which is why we have a comment field below. You can always use it in case problems appear.