Install UCMD8 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777

Did your friends recently told you about a tool which can update your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean? It’s true. There is such official firmware called UCMD8. And it is the subject of today’s tutorial.

Should your phone be ready to receive an update of this caliber, then follow our guide and get the chance to be a part of all the features the UCMD8 comes with. In case you were wondering: the procedure will not make your handset’s warranty go away any time soon.


The tutorial will focus on a manual way of landing the Android 4.1.2 on your smartphone. If you don’t know already, there are some requirements that your Samsung Galaxy S2 i777 needs to process. Here you go:

  • go to your phone’s Settings, choose Applications, tap Development and opt for USB debugging;
  • after that option is enabled, you should make backups, so take all the important content on your handset and save it;
  • after performing the pre-requisites above, make sure you use a laptop that runs Windows;
  • install USB drivers for the phone on your PC;
  • take a look at the smartphone’s battery and charge it if the icon shows less than 50% charge.Galaxy-S2-SGH-I777


  1. Having just finished with the pre-requisites, you can begin the guide by finding and then saving, on your notebook, some zip files named and Odin tool, respectively. Choose an unzipping tool and use it to extract the content of the respective archives you just downloaded.
  2. Next move is to launch the Odin tool on your PC and then power the Galaxy S2 I777 off. Now boot it into a mode named Download Mode by switching the phone off, holding and pressing Volume Down and Menu at the same time and afterwards switching the handset on. Let go of the keys after the mode has been booted into at last.
  3. Turn to your smartphone next; plug it to your laptop by using the phone’s USB cord. The devices will experience a successful connection only if “Added!!” and a yellow (or green) ID:COM port box appears on the screen. If it doesn’t, though, try to flash USB Drivers for your smartphone on your comp; or use a different USB port.
  4. After a successful plugging sequence, you need to tap on this button: PDA. This kind of action is going to make it easy to opt for a file with a .tar extension inside it.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To flash the UCMD8 on your handset, you need to first press START and then wait for the process to start and afterwards end after a couple of minutes’ worth of your patience.

Once the firmware is where it is intended to be, you should do the following: unplug the AT&T S2 SGH-i777 from your notebook. The smartphone is updated to the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean version and you should take advantage of that immediately!

NOTE: But in case you see the smartphone stuck in a Welcome screen, you need to take this route to solve the issue: take the battery out of your handset, put it back in and then repeat the guide. Should the phone get stuck in a boot loop, you will have to apply the same mini tutorial as the one we just described here.