Install CM10.2 M1 Jelly Bean 4.3 Custom ROM on Galaxy S Relay 4G T699

Galaxy S Relay 4G T699 manufactured by Samsung is quickly approaching an important milestone: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. And we have CM10.2 M1 custom ROM to thank for the pros this phone is about to end up with!

You’re in the right place if you want to have your handset experience the full delights of the new operating system. Let’s give it up for some of these so that you know what you’re missing out on if you don’t update your handset: more features to choose from if you’re tired or bored of the current ones, a set of new tweaks to customize your device with, a new set of apps, a battery performance that outshines the current one, an improved performance, the possibility to gain access to new custom ROMs and whatnot.

There will be no bugs to stop you from fully enjoying this device after you upgrade it. If we managed to interest you in the tool we chose for this tutorial, feel free to follow the latter. The steps it contains were especially designed for your smartphone.


With all of the above in mind, make sure you consider the following set of pre-requisites:

  • get your Galaxy S Relay 4G rooted, via this tutorial;
  • as soon as the device is rooted, look for a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) and flash it, from here;
  • also, look for the newest USB drivers for your handset to download on your laptop;
  • enable USB Debugging on the smartphone;
  • fully charge the battery of your device;
  • make backups that will save the data you have on your phone (we ask that you create a normal one as well as a NANDroid one to avoid unpleasant situations that may happen later on).Samsung-Galaxy-S-Relay


If the requirements are fully performed, the steps that shall update your phone are now upon us. To make sure the process goes well, you must absolutely follow these steps in their entirety. They are fully described in the upcoming paragraphs, so dedicate your full attention to them.

  1. First thing you must perform will have to go like this: open your PC or your laptop to download the (file name: and Google Apps from here on it. Having done that, you should proceed to the step that tells you to unzip the custom ROM archive and plug it to the notebook afterwards.
  2. After being done with that, you have to move the files from the laptop to the SD card of the Galaxy S T699 and then have your handset turned off.
  3. Unplug the devices from each other next, then enter the phone in Recovery Mode by pressing + holding Volume Up and Home while at the same time powering the handset on.
  4. For the next part, it’s best to do the following: operate a full data wipe, then choose Install zip from SD card. Then make sure you opt for Choose zip from SD card and go to the new custom ROM with the Volume buttons.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Choose this file with “Power” and confirm the flashing. The latter will begin shortly. The Google Apps needs to be flashed, too, which means that you should redo the steps that installed the previous package.
  6. Return, as soon as the flashing is performed, to the Recovery Menu; from there, choose Reboot System Now and your phone shall restart. And with that, the guide has reached its end and your Galaxy S is updated.

Now the fun part comes: experience the CM10.2 custom ROM – in particular its added bonuses – on your T699. The NANDroid backup file we told you to create is there to help you return your device to the previous ROM if this one is not to your liking.