Install CM10.1.3 Jelly Bean 4.2 custom ROM on Galaxy Note I717

Does your Galaxy Note I717 lack something which will bring a definite improvement in its performance? If you think that, then you should try an update. Which today comes in the form of CM10.1.3 Jelly Bean 4.2 nightly build ROM for your phone.

The CyanogenMod custom firmware takes many things into consideration. Like for instance stability, which means a lot for any gadget out there. If a device is stable, you as an user will have the guarantee of a great performance from all points of view. Likewise, the tool we opted for brings along many niceties and fresh stuff, like new options, tweaks, features and so on.

Also, your handset’s battery life is expected to be superior to what it can do now in terms of longevity. If your device is missing, this new custom firmware will help you find and then wipe your phone from a distance. So there you go: use this tool and your phone will thank you for it.


If we’ve convinced you to gran this upgrade firmware, you will next have to complete the following requirements:


  1. The tutorial is now open for business. After you have successfully ended with the Google Apps (the archive is available here) and the (file name: on the laptop, you should do this: extract them both with an appropriate extracting tool that you’ll chance upon if you do a quick Internet search.
  2. After the files which come with the two packages get on your notebook, you need to plug the Galaxy Note I717 to the PC; now do as follows: go to where the zip files are and move them all the way to the SD card root of your handset, then power the smartphone off at the end of the transfer.
  3. Unplug, next, the devices from one another and continue by booting your phone into the customary Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up and Home while switching the device on.
  4. As soon as the Recovery Mode has been entered into, you have to perform the following important actions: a full data wipe of the Galaxy Note I717 AT&T.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then, once the previous operation is over, you have to go to Install zip from SD card; choose it, then opt for Choose zip from SD card and proceed to the new ROM zip file which should be chosen via Power.
  6. Confirm, then, this file’s installation and repeat every single step which got this tool on the phone so that you also have the Gapps flashed on the device afterwards. When done, go to Go Back.
  7. To restart the phone after this, you need to do the following: from Recovery Menu be sure to choose the restart key. This should help your phone restart into the Jelly Bean 4.2 CM10.1.3 custom ROM. Which you can open after you take these instructions to mind: access “Settings” and then tap “About Phone“.