Install Jelly Bean 4.2.2 SlimBean Build 8 Final ROM on Galaxy Nexus I9250

The “How to” tutorial we wrote today features Galaxy Nexus I9250. And it’s dedicated to the method we used to update it to Android 4.2.2 SlimBean Build 8 final ROM.


If we managed to make you take an interest in this post, we will jump right to the following requirements:

  • the phone has a battery that should be fully charged for our guide;
  • flash USB drivers whose creators made for your smartphone;
  • make backups via these instructions (make a NANDroid backup to go with the normal one you need to create for today);
  • use the bootloader and carrier unlocked version;
  • enable USB Debugging;
  • download (file name: and (file name: on your notebook.Galaxy-Nexus-I9250

How to flash SlimBean Build 8 custom ROM

  1. Without any fail, go on and plug the handset to your laptop. Move the zip files from their place to a new address: the SD card root belonging to the handset.
  2. Unplug the devices from one another’s reach. Power the Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 off before you boot it into Recovery Mode via these actions:
    – press and hold together the keys known as Volume Down, Volume Up and Power;
    – stop as soon as the display begins to come alive;
    – don’t press those keys anymore.
  3. Perform that NANDroid backup if you failed to do so when we told you about it. But if that backup has already been created, do the following instead:
    – opt for Factory reset/Wipe data;
    – confirm by choosing “Yes“;
    – have patience for a bit;
    – go to the Recovery Menu;
    – opt for Wipe Cache Partition and confirm;
    – choose Wipe Dalvik Cache and confirm.
  4. As usual, you will next have to choose a combination of options which are the following:
    Install zip from SD card;
    Choose zip from SD card.
  5. When you are done with them, choose the update firmware that’s on the phone now; do that with “Power” and after that opt for “Yes” to confirm the file’s flashing. The installation is a process that will end quickly.
  6. The Google Apps needs to be on the same Galaxy Nexus I9250, so flash it by using the steps needed for the other file’s installation.
  7. Wait again, then, as soon as the packages have been featured on the handset, make sure you are back in the device’s Recovery Menu; once you find yourself there, reboot the phone by choosing the device’s restarting option.

This is the moment you’ve been looking forward to: trying the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean SlimBean Build 8 final ROM. The latter is yours to test out after you press “Settings” on the handset and then “About Phone“.

NOTE: As with other devices, your Galaxy Nexus I9250 may throw a nasty surprise your way; in other words, you can witness the device getting stuck in the logo of its manufacturer (or much better: in boot loop). Perform these tasks to make things better again:

  • Wipe Cache Partition;
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache;
  • select the phone’s restarting.

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The Samsung i9250 can very well experience, again, its previous ROM if you do as we tell you to below:

  • choose “Backup & Restore“;
  • search that ROM from a list which will be sure to pop up on the screen;
  • restore your old tool back on your phone.

Being shown this message will make the experience bitter: “Status 7 error“. We propose this solution:

  • flash the kernel that is appropriate for your i9250 on it;
  • install the firmware we used in this guide.