How to Root Galaxy S2 WiMAX ISW11SC

Galaxy S2 WiMAX ISW11SC is one of the many phones SRSRoot is compatible with. This app contains all the right ingredients to provide your handset with root access. And it’s all talked about in this post!

You’re going to have to use the described app for rooting your phone. There are other methods, too, but this one provides the most amount of goodies that’ll boost your handset’s performance. Besides delivering performance tweaks, your phone is also going to have other novelties.

The SRSRoot is great for your handset’s battery, too. This tool delivers longer battery life for your device. Moreover, you get to end up with a much faster CPU, as well. There’s also this to take into consideration: the smartphone will experience root-only apps. The OS which comes with the phone is the Android 2.3.6 version. This won’t be deleted from your device, since this tool works with all the versions released thus far.

The benefits of this method

There are loads of different brands which work just fine with the SRSRoot app. This software is also compatible with many Build IDs. Our choice for this rooting was GINGERBREAD.LG2. The other goodies which will welcome you after the new app’s installed: custom ROMs and new features. Use this tool to easily personalize the phone.

The SRSRoot’s other advantages are these: you’ll receive both admin and superuser permission. There’s an SRS Server fully powering this app. And you have the possibility to get rid of root access by using this same application.

In order to update your phone after it sports root access, you will be left without its warranty. You will have to face a deleted system partition, too. Then you will no longer enjoy the root access. You won’t have to say goodbye to either the important data or the phone’s internal / external SD cards.Galaxy-S2-WiMAX-ISW11SC


You are now invited to perform these requirements:

  • have backups initiated to save the phone’s data;
  • create a full NANDroid backup by looking at these instructions;
  • your notebook is required to be running Windows;
  • the security software on the laptop will need to be deactivated for the time being;
  • see if the Galaxy S2 WiMAX ISW11SC is in need for a full charge for its battery;
  • if you notice that, charge it till it’s full;
  • turn on the handset’s USB Debugging;
  • download, on your notebook, USB drivers for your smartphone;
  • have the notebook’s security software turned off after that.

Step by step instructions

By performing them as recommended, you will have a phone that’s fully prepared for the rooting. Off we go with our steps!

  1. Should you have your Galaxy S2 ISW11SC at the ready, start the first step. It will tell you the following: get your laptop ready for the download of a file. Which file is the SRSRoot app.
  2. This must be downloaded on your device from this site. There will be a download button to click on once you’ve landed on that particular website.
  3. If the app is on your laptop now, you can begin its installation. Launch it on the notebook and enable Unknown Sources. This is an option which is under Settings.
  4. Then, after you’ve tapped that, click on USB Debugging to turn it on. This option should have been activated earlier; if you did turn it on then, no need to do it.
  5. Instead, concentrate on this step: plug the handset to your laptop. You’ll have to connect the two with the phone’s USB cable. A plugging doesn’t usually take long to be done.
  6. A matter of several minutes is all you’ll have to wait until the connection is achieved. If you notice the plugging taking more time than expected, we need you to redo the guide.
  7. If nothing goes wrong, however, be ready to start the rooting. For that, turn on Root Device (All Methods), then wait.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Allow this phase some 14 minutes. Once the waiting time is up, consider going to your Samsung WiMAX ISW11SC and rebooting it. Do it by enabling the smartphone’s Reboot Now option.

If you’re done with all of these steps, your phone will end up rooted. Do you like what the device can do now? Is its performance superior?

If you are dissatisfied with the root access, how about unrooting the device? Like we told you before, the same software is also a great means of stripping the phone of its root access.

We have a comment field below for you to use whenever you meet up with problems concerning the procedure!