Install Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXUAMF1 Firmware on Galaxy S2 I9210 LTE

You’ve landed on the right page if you live in Sweden and you want your Galaxy S2 I9210 from LTE updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXUAMF1 official firmware. If your country of residence isn’t Sweden, you can still follow our guide since we will tell you how to manually update this handset.

This tutorial will not ask you to root your phone. But, if your Galaxy S2 I9210 is rooted, the update will be responsible for it losing root access. Which will require another rooting procedure after you complete this tutorial.


Besides not requiring root access, your smartphone does need to keep up with certain pre-requisites. Please find them detailed below:

  • turn off those programs that assures your device protection against all sorts of virus threats and whatnot;
  • do the same for your laptop;
  • use a laptop or a PC whose main OS is Windows;
  • create a backup via this guide;
  • create a NANDroid backup using this tutorial;
  • charge your handset’s battery so that it’s not fully empty;
  • while you’re at it, turn on USB debugging;
  • be on the lookout for USB drivers made for your smartphone and install them on your notebook or comp.

That concludes what you have to do before the actual update steps. The latter should be easy to follow if you stick to them throughout our guide.

How to flash XXUAMF1

  1. Your first and most important task is to download Odin tool on the notebook (from this location) and then also download this file: (file name:
  2. The files introduced just now should be extracted on the same laptop (or PC) and, when their content is there, you have to launch the Odin and power the Galaxy S2 GT-I9210 off. These actions are needed because you will then have to enter your handset into Download Mode by pressing and holding at the same time these keys: Power + Volume Down + Home.
  3. After you are ushered into the Download Mode, read the above:
    – grab hold of your phone’s USB cable;
    – use it as a way to plug your device to the laptop.
  4. Make sure the Odin is still doing its thing and wait for the plugging to be over. Odin shall give the green light by displaying an “Added!!” message and an ID:COM box in either blue or yellow.
  5. Don’t fret if the devices fail to show those signs; you can at any time try a different USB port or make sure to flash the USB drivers a second time.
  6. Select the Android 4.1.2 JB XXUAMF1 file after you’ve opted for PDA while in Odin. Now wait until you see some check boxes; deactivate F. Reset Time and Re-partition if they’ve been selected before. Tap “START” and wait for the update firmware to be installed on your handset in the next couple of minutes.
  7. You need to reboot the Galaxy S2 I9210 LTE only after you see PASS in green. That is all you had to perform in order to see the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXUAMF1 official firmware on your Galaxy S2 GT-I9210.

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NOTE: On the other hand, your phone can be the victim of various problems. As in: it can be stuck in a boot loop. To untangle it from that, you should do this:

  • reboot the device in Recovery Mode;
  • choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
  • select Wipe Cache Partition.

A second type of issue can disturb your peace: the handset remains stuck during the tutorial. The actions needed to make the problem disappear are discussed below:

  • unplug the phone from the comp;
  • go to Odin tool;
  • make sure you close it;
  • flash the USB drivers again;
  • restart your Samsung I9210 by force;
  • redo our guide.

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