Guide: Root Sony Xperia Z using DoomLord (Unlocked Bootloaders)

From the large crowd of smartphones which lack a certain Android OS version (among other stuff) arises Sony Xperia Z.

Watch as this tutorial will work as a means to update it to many more goodies. The name of the instrument that caters to your needs is “rooting”.


If you want your handset to go through this operation well, then just turn USB Debugging on, use a phone with 10.1.A.1.350 firmware, verify if the device has its bootloader already unlocked, make a backup with your applications and settings and install the USB Drivers which make a good team with this phone.

How to root Xperia Z

  1. Step one that is part of our tutorial equals these actions: locate and to the folder called fastboot. Then switch the phone off and boot it into the mode which is known as Bootloader/Fastboot.
  2. The next step to follow, the second, needs you to plug the device to your laptop and then launch a Command Line Window in the Fastboot folder from before.Sony-Xperia-Z
  3. Initiate the flash of DoomLord modded Tool typing this command:
    > fastboot flash boot kernel.img
    in the Command Prompt Window to flash a tool required for this rooting.
  4. For step number you have to type in a command once again. But this one looks different:
    fastboot reboot
    [sc name=”banner-jos”]Once you’ve entered it, the handset won’t take too long before it goes into the booting action. Wait a bit and then look for a message that will announce you how much time is left till the Xperia Z restarts (usually a couple of seconds).
  5. The fifth step shall need you to unplug the smartphone from the comp after the former restarts, then switch the handset off.
  6. For the sixth step you are going to have to perform the following: boot the phone into Fastboot mode and then connect, for the second time (but for a different purpose), the Z to the laptop. After looking to see whether or not the devices have connected well, you need to do what the seventh step instructs; which is this: type in
    > fastboot flash boot stock-kernel.img
  7. The phone will be able to install the default kernel image via this action. And you can now type in:
    fastboot rebootto help the handset power button.
  8. Once the restart is over, the Xperia Z will start into normal way and the rest of the tutorial will end with you taking a stroll to Google Play Store. This will be necessary to install an app called BusyBox Installer; which will tell you if your Xperia Z performed the rooting the correct way.