Install Avatar Jelly Bean 4.3 Nightly custom ROM on Galaxy S3 LTE I9305

We have just what your Galaxy S3 I9305 LTE needs in order to amaze you: a guide that will update it to Avatar Jelly Bean 4.3 Nightly ROM.

Your handset should pass through a series of requirements before the update can appear on it.


So here it goes:

  • own the rooted and factory unlocked model;
  • install a custom recovery on your Galaxy S3 I9305;
  • charge the battery of your smartphone;
  • create a regular and a full NADroid backup to go with it;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • sync the phone’s Contacts info with the Gmail account you have, using the instructions from this guide.Galaxy-S3-LTE-GT-I9305


Let’s proceed to the list of steps which will get the upgrade file on your smartphone.

  1. To start it off, download Gapps package from here and on your laptop, then, after you have these two files saved on your device, plug the handset to it. The packages have to be transferred, next, to the phone’s SD card root and then you should disconnect your devices from each other.
  2. Move on to this step: enter the phone in Recovery Mode and make a NANDroid backup (only if you haven’t created one so far).
  3. The NANDroid backup needs to be performed in different ways depending on what your custom recovery of choice is. If you go with TWRP, then create that backup by pressing Backup, giving a name to the backup file and then confirming it by swiping a blue key. But in case there’s CWM on board of your phone, then opt for Backup & Restore, confirm the file you want to save and then back it up on the internal/external storage of your handset.
  4. For a factory reset that must be also performed, we ask you to follow two guides, since this operation also depends on what custom recovery you use. Should it be the TWRP, we recommend you to factory reset the phone by doing the following: after you tap “Wipe” you will need to confirm the action by swiping the button that’s colored blue (this key sits at the display’s bottom). If the CWM is the custom recovery your device owns, you have to choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data and confirm.
  5. The flashing of the new custom ROM is another operation which is dealt with differently according to the TWRP or the CWM custom recovery.
  6. If the latter is on your Galaxy S3 I9305 LTE: opt for Install zip from SD card and Choose zip from SD card, then confirm the installation of the file after you find it and choose it. In the case of the TWRP running on the handset, it’s best to get the update file by tapping “Install“, locating the necessary file and then confirming its flashing by performing a swipe.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When one of the update files is on your phone, it’s time to install the other one; by redoing the actions which we urged you to perform for the other file’s flashing. Are both files installed? Then go back to the Recovery screen.
  8. When you reach this place, you can restart the Galaxy S3 I9305 and wait for it to enter Normal Mode. The Avatar Nightly JB 4.3 based ROM is officially part of your smartphone. When the update’s home screen pops up, you should open your Gmail account and begin the exploration of the tool.

The phone may take too much to boot the first time around. If that happens, you should repeat the guide. The same should happen if the device enters boot loops.