How to Root Galaxy Droid Charge SCH-i510

Galaxy Droid Charge SCH-i510 is at a time when it can be rooted. You should take advantage of our post if you’re looking for root access for your phone. The steps which will provide what you want are detailed now!

The handset you’re using on a daily basis is going to be busy with this guide. In it you’ll find a very good method of providing root access for your device. SRSRoot is the one we’re talking about. Not only is this app free of charge, it also delivers really well on the goodies front. Moreover, you won’t have trouble installing and then using it.

First of all, this app is powered by the SRS Server. Its advantages are plenty and you’ll see that for yourself very soon. If you can’t wait for them, we’ll describe all of them below.

The advantages of this method

This rooting tool comes with new features and battery life improvements. Your phone is also about to have root-only apps and various customization methods. Superuser and admin permission are delivered, too, as are CPU improvements. The OS version which is pre-installed on this handset is Android 2.3.6 Froyo. This variant doesn’t get wiped out from your device if you root it. Custom ROMs are another addition you will soon experience.Galaxy-Droid-Charge-SCH-i510

To unroot your smartphone, you’ll receive help from the SRSRoot, too. Which, by the way, works with many different manufacturers. Its compatibility stretches to Build IDs; you can use various ones for the phone’s rooting. We selected this Build ID: GINGERBREAD.FP5.

On order to end up with all of these novelties, the device is going to suffer. One major con about this procedure is this: the warranty shall be revoked. If you choose to upgrade the handset, get ready for other disadvantages. They’re the following: root access will be revoked and system partition will be erased. Your device will, however, come out of this rooting with undamaged internal / external SD cards. Its important data will also be saved.

Your smartphone’s also known as Samsung SCH-i510, Samsung Inspiration / Stealth / Stealth V / 4G LTE and Galaxy S Aviator.


The next thing we’ll talk about has to do with what to perform before you begin the rooting. The actions described below act as preparatory steps for your phone. They’re known as pre-requisites. They sound as such:

  • your laptop has to sport Windows;
  • check and see whether or not your handset requires a full battery charge;
  • perform one if it does;
  • be careful to save the data on the Galaxy Droid Charge i510 via one or two standard backups;
  • remember to also create a full NANDroid backup;
  • USB drivers for your handset have to be downloaded on the notebook;
  • the security programs on the notebook must be turned off;
  • then have the notebook’s security software turned off, as well.

Step by step instructions

Once done with the pre-requisites, we have the steps that’ll make sure root access is gained.

  1. Our very first step needs you to download the SRSRoot app on your laptop. The right file for your SCH-i510 is on this page. Click on a download button there and wait until the app’s on your notebook.
  2. Install it there next. Launch the app afterwards and tap Unknown Sources from the Settings option. After the right option’s enabled, turn on this other option: USB Debugging.
  3. If you’ve already done it, connect your handset to your notebook. The connection must be initiated with the phone’s USB cord.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes for the plugging to be established. If it isn’t, though, you’ll be asked to repeat the steps before this one. In case a successful connection’s been created, time for another step.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This time around you will have to click on Root Device (All Methods). The rooting will begin very soon. But if it doesn’t, you have the option of redoing the previous steps up until this one.
  6. Reboot the device when the rooting is finished.

A successful rooting is followed by you experimenting with the Galaxy Droid Charge SCH-i510. If you like what you see, that’s great. If you don’t, apply an unrooting tool on your smartphone via the same application.

There is a comment box at the end of this guide. Use it whenever you feel like something’s wrong with the procedure.