Install KKUEMJA Jelly Bean 4.3 Official Firmware on Galaxy S4 SHV-E300K

Galaxy S4 SHV-E300K finds itself with a battery that can use more life, a list of features that should be diversified and improved, a performance that should be enhanced and so on. All of this, and more, will be taken care of by KKUEMJA Android 4.3 Jelly Bean official firmware.

The list of goodies that the firmware in question is endowed with begins with better RAM management, TRIM support which enhances the speed of your phone, UI tweaks, new and superior firmware for the camera, better TouchWiz launcher, a new keyboard and many other such great stuff.


To discover all of the new goodies and more, you should begin our guide asap. But not before we give you the following requirements:

  • your laptop or PC should have the and Odin (the latest variant, available here);
  • you then have to create a backup to keep track of the data on your handset in case the guide doesn’t go well;
  • make sure USB Debugging is turned on;
  • charge the battery if it’s empty (or close to running low);
  • install USB drivers compatible with your smartphone on your notebook.Galaxy-S4-SHV-E300K


  1. The update is now ready to start. With step number one being the following: extract the archive containing the new official firmware on the laptop and then be sure to power the handset off.
  2. Now enter the same device into Download Mode by performing these actions: press and hold, at the same time, Volume Down and Home while you power your handset on. Then launch, on the notebook, the Odin.
  3. After this tool is open, you should plug your E300K to the laptop and then see whether or not the plugging went well. If it did, you will witness an “Added!!” message as well as an ID:COM box becoming yellow. But should there be problems with the plugging, we have a solution for you. According to it, you can either install the USB drivers again or, instead, try a different USB port.
  4. Coming up next: tap PDA, choose a file that comes with a CODE in the name, then click on Phone, opt for a file that has a MODEM in the name, after that tap CSC, select a file with CSC in the name, tap PIT and, finally, opt for a file with .pit as its extension.
  5. For our next task, we ask that you select the boxes which have F. Reset Time, Auto Reboot and Repartition sprawled over them; the last box in the previous list should only be chosen if you opted for the .pit file.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then look for “Start” in Odin, tap it and then wait for the file’s flashing to debut. When the installation is at its end, you should see the handset restart, so disconnect it from your laptop.
  7. As soon as the device boots to its home screen, you should turn it off, then boot it into the Recovery Mode. Choose, from the phone’s Recovery Menu, the option known as Factory Reset/Wipe Data, then opt for the restart key.

After your Galaxy S4 SHV-E300K is updated with the new Android 4.3 KKUEMJA firmware, play with its features and see what you like!