Install Jelly Bean 4.3 LiquidSmooth 2.10 custom ROM on Galaxy S3 I9300

LiquidSmooth 2.10 Jelly Bean is a custom ROM which your Galaxy S3 I9300 will find much use for. For one, most of its features are also part of ParanoidAndroid, AOKP and many other famous custom ROMs.

Basically, what you’ll get on your phone is a long list of new options, the aforementioned features, a better performance, more battery life to use your device for longer periods of time and the list goes on.


But even if the LiquidSmooth is renowned for its offering, you should keep in mind that your handset has to pass some bits of verification. Like the pre-requisites below:


For a proper update, you should now get things started by following our guide’s first step.

  1. You will have to do the following for it: download both Gapps from here and on your laptop, then plug the smartphone to the laptop you normally use.
  2. After that, you should continue with the following step: go to where you saved the two packages and move them from there to this place: your handset’s SD card root.
  3. Unplug the Galaxy S3 I9300 from the notebook and then switch your phone off to enter it in Recovery Mode. Once the mode we mentioned is achieved, it’s time to make a full NANDroid backup in case you forgot to create it.
  4. So, if your phone is more comfortable with TWRP, you have to make the NANDroid backup via these guidelines: first tap “Backup” and after that opt for whatever system files you really wish to save; now confirm.
  5. If, however, your device operates with CWM, then you will have to create the backup like this: after you choose Backup&Restore, you will have to save that backup to the internal/external storage of your handset.
  6. As your next task, you should apply a factory reset by considering, once again, the kind of custom recovery that your phone sports. Should it be the CWM, you will be asked to opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data and confirm. But if, on the contrary, the phone uses the TWRP, you should tap “Wipe” and “Factory Reset“; then confirm this by looking for a blue button at the screen’s button that should be pressed when spotted.
  7. Coming up next: how to install the new firmware on the phone if you have either the TWRP or the CWM. If it’s the second one, then do as follows: choose the options called Install zip from SD card and Choose zip from SD card, then confirm the flashing of the update file after you look for it.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If the custom recovery is the CWM, you need to tap “Install“, look for the update file and swipe the blue key to confirm its installation.
  9. The Gapps will have to be flashed the same way you did with the previously presented installation guide, so redo all those steps, then go back to your phone’s Recovery screen.
  10. Then restart the Galaxy S3 I9300. After you are done, the phone will give you the home screen of the custom ROM so that you can enter your Gmail details and enjoy it. Repeat the whole guide if you don’t see any LiquidSmooth 2.10 Jelly Bean custom ROM on your smartphone.