Install Gummy KitKat 4.4 Custom ROM on Galaxy S4 SCH-I545

Galaxy S4 delivered by Verizon is the phone which will welcome our tutorial today. Android 4.4 KitKat based Gummy custom ROM is the name of what will update your device to the new OS.

Since the purpose of this guide is to provide your handset with the most recent Android version as described earlier, you probably wonder what’s in it for you and your device after the procedure is performed.

For one, you should know that the update detailed today will bring novelties on your Galaxy S4 SCH-I545. Such as: new features, better speed, lots of new apps, a superior battery life, smoothness, an enhanced browsing experience, no errors, no major bugs, ways to customize the looks and feel of your handset and so much more. You will experience no freezes while using your smartphone in its updated form.


To actually upgrade your Galaxy S4 to the new Gummy custom ROM, we must make one thing clear: your phone will need to be prepared to welcome the update file. And this preparation consists of several pre-requisites that you, as owner of this device, must go through. Those requirements are below:

  • find a rooting guide for your handset and use it;
  • get a custom recovery from here on the device (either TWRP or CWM, as either one of them is awesome and efficient);
  • charge your smartphone’s battery unit accordingly;
  • make a normal backup via this guide and a full NANDroid backup, following these instructions;
  • turn USB Debugging on (by choosing Menu from your phone, then selecting Settings, opting for Developer Options and then checking the bx which contains “USB Debugging“);
  • disable, on your laptop and your smartphone, all of the programs which offer protection against all kinds of threats).Galaxy-S4-SCH-I545


After you make sure all of the pre-requisites are done with, you should also know this: the warranty which is part of your handset is going to go away once the upgrade file is acquired. To make the warranty come back, you will have to have patience until Android 4.4 KitKat OTA comes out or just restore the device to stock Jelly Bean. Then, after you find out how to deal with this, you can run along and update your phone with the steps below.

  1. The first step which targets you and your handset should happen like this: make sure you download both (file name: and the (file name: on your notebook or PC; now leave both files unzipped after you save them on the said device, then plug the phone to the laptop or comp with the phone’s USB cord.
  2. The reason you have to do this: you will need to move the two files from that device to the SD card root of your Galaxy S4 I545. Once the SD card root is filled with those files, you should disconnect the devices from each other, power the handset off and boot it into Recovery Mode after that.
  3. Once your device is in the Recovery Mode, you need to do this: choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data to make sure your phone’s data is correctly erased, then select Wipe Cache Partition to have the latter wiped and then opt for Advanced so that you can next choose Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  4. Once the latter is also erased, you should go back to the Recovery Menu of your Galaxy S4 and then opt for Install zip from SD card.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now select Choose zip from SD card, choose the update file you have to flash and confirm its installation so that the update with the new custom ROM can begin.
  6. Once this file is part of your phone, don’t forget to flash the Gapps the same way you installed the other file.
  7. Restart your Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 next. Do that by choosing +++go back+++ and then selecting the handset’s restarting option. Your device is officially upgraded!

Once that’s the case, grab a hold of it and discover what it can do for you from this moment on!