Install KRT16O KitKat 4.4 OTA Official firmware on Nexus 7 2013

Nexus 7 2013 edition is a tablet which comes with many great possibilities, features, specs and whatnot. But what it does not have is an updated OS. So for this post we wish to bring you Android 4.4 on your gadget with KRT16O KitKat official software.

You won’t have to follow complicated steps in order to update your tablet to the newest Android variant. On the contrary: all that has to be done is very easy and we will get to it in a moment.

But not before we present the novelties brought on by today’s custom firmware. After the file needed for the update is flashed on your Nexus 7, you will see that there are new apps, a battery that lasts considerably longer, new tweaks to personalize your user experience and your device’s looks, a better performance overall, no serious bugs, plenty of stability, smoothness to boot, better speeds and more.


An update is successful if you prepare your device first. By which we mean the following pre-requisites:

  • use the tablet which has Android 4.3 JSS15R running on it and is factory unlocked;
  • create backups via these instructions;
  • flash USB drivers for the Nexus 7 2013 on your notebook;
  • charge the battery of your tablet;
  • turn on USB

Instructions for not rooted devices

  1. Your gadget is now full ready to accommodate the update. So proceed to the very first step. According to it, you should download and then save, on the laptop, this file: . Then give it this name instead:
  2. Now plug the devices to one another and move the file from its place to the tablet’s SD cad root, then make sure your Nexus 7 is powered off. Then enter the tablet in Bootloader Mode by performing these steps: power your gadget on while pressing + holding, at the same time, Volume Up and Power.
  3. You should now spot a Fastboot menu together with a “Start” on top, so be sure to do what a couple of instructions on the display will tell you to. Then press “Power” until “Recovery” appears, then choose this with “Power”.
  4. When a “!” pops up, you should hold Volume Up and Power again, then wait for a Recovery Mode menu to appear. Choose, next, these: “Update from SD card” and, via “Power”, the file.
  5. The flashing is going to debut in a short while. Once the process is over, make sure the gadget boots. Your tablet is now updated! The firmware should be in “About Phone” after you tap “Settings“.

Instructions for rooted devices

  1. But what if your Nexus 7 is rooted already? You can still update it to the new OTA official firmware. But first: create a full NANDroid backup and flash a custom recovery on your device.
  2. Then download the on your laptop and after that plug the tablet to the latter device. Transfer the update file from the notebook to the gadget’s SD card root.
  3. After you switch your tablet off, you should do the following: enter the tablet in Bootloader Mode like this: switch the tablet on while pressing and holding Volume Up and Power; do that till the fastboot menu is displayed along with “Start”.
  4. Now make sure you wait until a bunch of guidelines appear and, when they do, follow them, then press Volume Up; do that until “Recovery” is seen. To opt for the latter, you have to press Power.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Move on by going to an option called Install zip from SD card; when you see it, choose it with “Power”. Then opt for Choose zip from SD card with the same “Power”. Then make sure you get to the update zip with help from the tablet’s Volume buttons.
  6. Choose this file with “Power” and confirm its flashing. Wait for the flashing to end, then choose +++Go Back+++ to restart the Nexus 7.
  7. To allow for this rebooting to happen, you should go to the Recovery Menu and opt for restarting. Now wait. Your tablet is updated! To make sure that’s true, open “Settings” and choose “About Phone”.

Since the gadget is upgraded, go wild and test it out!