Update Droid Razr HD XT925 and XT926 with AOSP Android 4.4 KitKat custom ROM

Droid Razr HD XT925 and XT926 are two different smartphones made by the same manufacturer, but none of them has Android 4.4 as their OS. All of this will surely change after you perform an update on both of them with AOSP KitKat firmware as shown in this tutorial.

This guide comprises two parts: one will guide you through some very important pre-requisites and the other one is going to give you the actual steps to upgrade your device with. Both parts are equally compulsory, because the upgrade cannot be successfully achieved with only the pre-requisites or only the steps. In case you didn’t know, the AOSP KitKat firmware not only upgrades your handset to the new OS and its offerings, it also makes sure there are no lags and no bloatware.

Your phone’s battery is going to go on much longer, customization will be possible via numerous tweaks, new features will brighten your user experience, as will new apps and the general performance of your handset will have much to gain. To add some disadvantage: the firmware comes with a couple of bugs, but they are all of minor importance. Your Droid Razr HD T925 or the XT926 version will run quickly and smoothly. Looking for stuff on the Internet will be so much better, too.


If all of the above pros sound really swell, then waste no more time and learn how to update your smartphone. But first, make sure you begin with the first part of our guide: the requirements. They are coming right now:

  • take your phone and root it, then flash a custom recovery on it (TWRP or CWM);
  • make sure you turn off all of your phone’s and your notebook’s security programs;
  • turn USB Debugging on by launching Menu, going to Settings, selecting Developer Options and then looking for the USB Debugging one;
  • create both a regular and a NANDroid backup;
  • charge the battery that is on your phone;
  • follow the steps that come up next!motorla-razr-hd-lte


The handset has a warranty that will become void once you update it. For every bad thing there is a solution, though; you can get the warranty back on your device if you do this: downgrade it to stock Android.

  1. Now for the steps which will upgrade your Droid Razr HD XT925 and the XT926. Begin with this action: look for the AOSP KitKat 4.4 firmware, download it from (file name: full_xt925-ota-eng.dhacker29.zip -compatible with the first model) and (file name: full_xt926-ota-eng.dhacker29.zip, for the second model) on your PC or your notebook and then do the same for (file name: gapps-kk-20131031.zip).
  2. Once you are done saving both of these files on the laptop or comp, you should leave them unzipped and instead do as follows: plug the phone to your notebook to make sure the files are moved from the latter to the former’s SD card root. Wait until the files have been transferred and disconnect the devices from each other afterwards.
  3. Now boot your handset in Recovery Mode and do this: from the Recovery, choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data, go back and opt for Wipe Cache Partition, go back again and then choose Advance; from this option, select Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  4. Once all of these three wiping tasks have been performed, we recommend you to do the following: stay in the Recovery and choose Install zip from SD card; then opt for Choose zip from SD card.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To flash the update file on your phone you must select it first, then confirm the fact that you wish to have it flashed on the handset.
  6. Now redo the steps that got you the new firmware so that the Google Apps is only featured on one of your smartphones.
  7. Both files will then end up on either the Droid Razr HD XT925 or the XT925 after you go back to the Recovery Menu and restart your device.

Since your phone is now upgraded to the latest Android OS, you should rejoice and experience it asap!