How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro SGH-I547

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro SGH-I547 is still not as popular as other smartphones that belong to the South Korean manufacturer. But for those of our readers who do like it and own it as a consequence, we come with a guide on how to unroot it.

Unrooting a device, be it a phone or a tablet, is not that difficult an operation to perform if you work with the right tools. That’s why we have tried to bring you the easiest steps to follow if you really want to have your handset experience this procedure.


Speaking of which, here is what it can bring you: the warranty that disappeared after you rooted your Rugby Pro SGH-I547, the root-only apps that you had to get rid of and all the stock firmware you used to enjoy. Like we told you in our “How to root” post surrounding this device, once you unroot it you can enjoy, once more, all that you thought would be lost for good.Galaxy-Rugby-Pro-SGH-I547

Now that we got all of the above out of the way, how about we tell you what requirements to inform yourselves on? Here are the most crucial ones that apply to this phone: use the Rugby Pro which was rooted with our own guide that was explained on this site, charge the battery of the smartphone, make a backup of the data you will use once you’re done with the tutorial and charge the battery of the device.

Important instructions

  1. The guide is ready to start with the following step, which is the first you have to comply with: download Odin and on your laptop, then make sure to unzip the Odin archive to the desktop of your PC.
  2. The second step that you have to respect asks the following from the owner of this phone: go to the desktop and double-click on Odin so that it is launched.
  3. For the third step that must be followed you should click on PDA when you are in the Odin, then opt for the Stock Firmware (that is also on the laptop’s desktop).
  4. The fourth step you need to keep in mind is asking you to check mark two options that are labelled F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot. After you have taken care of the previous actions, the next one to perform sounds something like this: if the option that is called Repartition is unchecked, leave it as it is.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step five, the next one in the guide, needs the following from you: switch the Rugby Pro I547 off and then take care that the smartphone is rebooted into Download Mode; here is what you need to do to achieve that: hold down Home, Volume Down and Power at the same time, then press Volume Up and you are finally in the mode you need to enter.
  6. Step six should be performed in the following manner: connect the smartphone to the laptop with the USB cable that arrives with the former device, then click Start in Odin. Once you do that, the firmware needed for the unrooting will be installed at long last. Now the SGH-I547 is about to reboot and you will be done with this guide.