How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1v GT-P7100

A great rooting material for your Galaxy Tab 10.1v GT-P7100 is SRSRoot. The moment your tablet has it, you’ll be exposed to only the best in terms of gadget performance. So give this performance a try and you’ll see what we mean!

If it’s been a while since the Galaxy Tab 10.1v GT-P7100 has experienced novelties, you’ll have to use this app to make it attractive once more. This app also works as a way to improve the performance and bring better battery life. The rooting method we wanted to show you works with a wide variety of Android operating systems. Your tablet sports the 4.0.4 version. It also manages to work just fine with many Build IDs; including the one we used for your gadget: IMM76D.BULG3.

The benefits of this method

The new software used for rooting your gadget is 100% compatible with any kind of brand ever released. If you’re looking for an easy way to unroot your gadget, this is the app to choose. Not to forget: the SRSRoot tool is powered by the SRS Server, so you have full access to the latest novelties launched by the development team.Galaxy-Tab-10.1v-GT-P7100

If you’re interested in novelties for this tablet, this app delivers some of the best ones available today. You’ll get superuser permission and custom ROMs, just to name a couple of these goodies. Other stuff to land on your tablet: root-only applications and new features. The list includes various options to customize the device and admin permission. The processor will put on a great show; its speed is going to be increased a lot.

There’s no such thing as unnecessary programs, files and so on where the SRSRoot is concerned. Also, this is a method which comes bug-free. However, some bad things will still happen. For instance: the warranty will no longer be featured on your gadget. Its root access will be revoked as soon as you update the tablet. Another side effect to upgrading your rooted tablet: its system partition will be erased. Every single one of your device’s important files, programs, apps and the like will be saved. The same will happen to the tablet’s internal and external SD cards.


The procedure cannot start until you’re done with these requirements:

  • create the usual set of backups for the important data on your tablet;
  • a full NANDroid backup will be needed next;
  • your tablet’s USB Debugging optionhas to be enabled;
  • charge the tablet’s battery should there be need for this;
  • your notebook should have USB drivers downloaded on it from this website;
  • deactivate the security programs used by the Samsung GT-P7100;
  • turn off the security programs installed on the notebook;
  • Windows must be the operating system used by the laptop.

Step by step instructions

Our steps for the rooting of your Galaxy Tab 10.1v P7100 via the SRSRoot are all below.

  1. To have a great start in this procedure, you need to download the latest version of app. But how? The answer: be sure to have this page opened in your browser.
  2. If you’re on that page right now, you’ll have to click on a download button. Be sure to only use that site. When the button is clicked on, you can stay back and wait for the download to happen.
  3. Its end should be followed by you doing this: the software needs to be installed on your notebook and then launched, as well. If both actions are performed, you have to look for and enable Unknown Sources.
  4. Settings is the option that should be activated from Menu; then look under it and there will be the option we told you to turn on.
  5. If you’re done with this part, you can move on. But first, if the USB Debugging is not yet turned on, you have to enable it before continuing with the guide.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To do this, you can connect the notebook and the tablet between one another; the USB cord is the tool generally used for this phase. Root Device (All Methods) should be enabled next.
  7. Tap it and then have patience until this process is all complete. Restart the P7100 when that’s happening, then start using your rooted device.

The moment you get the hang of your gadget but you don’t want to experience its rooted state, you have the SRSRoot at your disposal for its unrooting.

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