Unroot Asus Transformer TF300T

There are plenty of consumers who avidly look for instructions on how to unroot, root, flash, install ClockworkMod Recovery and other solutions on their gadgets. But after they choose to root the smartphone or tablet in their possession, the next thing they wish for is to see things to go back to how they used to be. And this is where the unrooting procedure comes in.

If you rooted your Asus Transformer TF300T with one of our tutorials, then you can reverse that via the method we fine tuned just for you. Here is what you must do beforehand: and install ClockworkMod Recovery (if you haven’t up until now). Without these two pre-requisites, you aren’t going to be able to unroot your gadget.

Now that we settled the above, it’s high time we presented the steps needed for the procedure we just talked about. Here we go.Asus-Transformer-TF300T

Important instructions

  1. To get you into the atmosphere, first step proposes the following course of action: take the Stock Firmware you downloaded and send it to your comp’s desktop, the same location you have to place the contents of the file’s ZIP archive after taking them out.
  2. Step 2: see if you spot a file called .ZIP. After you find it, simply plug the Transformer TF300T to your laptop. Use the same USB cable for this.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Immediately after completing this task you need to do what step 3 tells you to: transfer the ZIP file extracted from the Stock Firmware archive to the root folder of the tablet’s internal storage. After it transfers, you can disconnect the two devices.
  4. Step 4: switch the TF300T off and reboot it into Recovery Mode (by pressing and holding the following at the same time: Volume DOWN and Power).
  5. For step number 5 you need to press Volume UP.
  6. Step 6: once you do that, the gadget is going to enter Recovery Mode, which means that you can now direct your step to the Main Menu of Recovery.
  7. When you reach your destination, step 7 asks you to opt for Install zip from sdcard, then Choose zip from sdcard. Next: go to the file that was transferred to the TF300T.
  8. Step number 8 needs you to choose that file. From this moment on, the tablet will flash the Stock Firmware.
  9. The last step, the ninth, sounds like this: wait till the file is flashed. Only then can you go to the Main Menu of the Recovery, select Reboot system now and wait for the device to end its unrooting phase.