Install TouchWiz Revolutionized 5.0 custom ROM on Galaxy Ace S5830

Galaxy Ace S5830 is a handset which you shouldn’t ignore if you see it in dedicated shops. Besides, you can always upgrade it in case its performance, features and so on fail to impress you from the beginning.

If that is so, you will know the ways an update works if you follow this tutorial. In it, we mention the steps that shall upgrade the smartphone to TouchWiz Revolutionized 5.0 custom ROM. We never forget to bring a list of requirements for all our guides. The one below is only suitable for your Galaxy Ace GT-S5830.


Here’s what should be done before you update the handset:

  • root the smartphone first (you can use this guide);
  • flash a good custom recovery on it next;
  • make plenty of backups (they will be of immense help if something bad happens during the tutorial);
  • charge the handset’s battery;
  • turn on USB Debugging (from “Settings” opt for “Applications“, choose “Development” and then the option we told you to enable);
  • install USB drivers for your smartphone on the laptop, via this link.Galaxy-Ace-GT-S5830

How to flash TouchWiz firmware on Galaxy Ace

The cost is now clear to proceed to the steps we’ve put together for today.

  1. Here is the first of them saying that you must download (file name: and Google Apps on the notebook (file name:
  2. Once you make sure both files are there, you can take the phone’s USB cord and then use it to connect the two devices to each other. The packages that are now on the desktop of the PC must be moved to the SD card root of the handset. Once that is done accordingly, you have to unplug your Samsung S5830 from the other device.
  3. Then launch ROM Manager on the phone (this is an application). The app is used to boot the handset into Recovery Mode for the update process. Should you see an unsuccessful booting into that mode, your task is this one: flash a custom recovery image on the handset and then repeat the steps from before all over again.
  4. But, if the booting did not meet problems along the way, you should then choose Install zip from SD card. After you opt for that, you can opt for the TouchWizz firmware file; then choose the Gapps one and wait for them to be on the phone; waiting time should be less than 15 minutes. If it takes more than that, you have to repeat the guide.
  5. If everything goes well and the upgrade happens without a glitch, this message should be on the screen soon: “Install from zip card complete“.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the next move, you have to opt for Go Back; then choose the “Restart” option. The smartphone is going to boot, soon, in Normal Mode; no worries in case the booting makes you wait over 3 minutes. After you are done waiting, the Galaxy Ace S5830 will have the TouchWiz Revolutionized 5.0 custom ROM. And that’s a wrap on our tutorial for today!

NOTE: Before we go, there is one more thing to find out: how to solve an issue. What we are talking about is this scenario: the S5830 is stuck in either the “Welcome” screen or in a boot loop.

Take appropriate care of this by powering the device off, turning it back on and then repeating the guide. No more issues to bother you now.