Root Galaxy S3 I9300 running on XXEMH4 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock ROM

Galaxy S3 I9300 got itself updated to XXEMH4 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock firmware. So the next phase your phone should experience is a rooting. Be careful to only use our guide if your handset has the correct firmware on it (as observed in our previous tutorial).

The package that we summoned for this tutorial is called CF-Root. This is a tool that contains the following presents for your smartphone: CWM Manager version 3.60, ClockworkMod Recovery version 5.5 and also SuperSU tool version 0.93. The rooting of your Galaxy S3 I9300 shall allow you to find and flash custom ROMs, root-only apps, experience a much improved phone with lots of new features, options and many more additions.


Moving on, here are the requirements that should be taken into account when dealing with a tooting guide:

  • your phone should be the factory unlocked model;
  • then enable the option you know under the name of USB Debugging;
  • flash USB drivers for the smartphone on your notebook;
  • charge the handset’s battery unit;
  • backup the phone’s content via this tutorial.Galaxy-S3-GT-i9300


  1. In the beginning of this rooting tutorial we ask you to open your notebook (or comp), download Odin tool version 1.85 from here and the on it, unzip only the second package and then power the handset off.
  2. After that, enter the Galaxy S3 I9300 into Download Mode by pressing and simultaneously holding Volume Down and Home, pressing only Power afterwards, then doing that until the logo of Android lands on the display and finishing by pressing Power once more.
  3. Once the phone is in the mode it should be in, you need to launch the Odin on the laptop, plug the handset to it and see if the plugging went well; which will only happen when you see both of these on the screen: a message which reads “Added!!” and an ID:COM box port in yellow.
  4. When they don’t come by, here’s what you can try to assure a successful connection: install those USB drivers once again or try a different USB port.
  5. Then follow these instructions: look for the, tap PDA, opt for the rooting file next. Now stay in the Odin. Be sure to check F. Reset Time and then Auto Reboot (only these two boxes).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then continue with the next guidelines: tap, in Odin, “Start” and wait for the rooting file to be flashed on your smartphone; this process will require a few minutes, so have patience from now on. Then, once the file is on the Galaxy S3 I9300, the device should restart; when it shows its home screen, you will be able to disconnect the handset from your laptop.
  7. As soon as you do that, you should run over to the smartphone and open its list of apps. If you see one called Superuser, you will know that the phone is truly rooted. You can also make sure of that with another app known as Root Checker; this one can be downloaded from Google Play.

Then, after you know whether or not the phone is rooted, test out the various possibilities of a rooted device (as alluded in our tutorial).