Update Nexus 7 with JellyBeer Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Custom ROM

Google Nexus 7 is a tablet that needs no further presentation. So we will cut to the chase and offer this tutorial as gift to all you owners of the said gadget. You will be taught how to flash Android 4.2.2Jelly Bean  on it with JellyBeer custom ROM.

Have a look here to see what sort of features this firmware packs: better stability, the possibility to modify the default number of DPI, adding applications to various DPI groups, no restart required for modifying the user interface and so on.


Moving on from the features we will now tell you what requirements to be aware of:

If you’ve understood and followed the pre-requisites, then your next move is this: read the steps below and follow them with great attention.Nexus-7

Important intstructions

  1. Step one will need you to download and Gapps from this page on your laptop. Having flashed and saved the two files, you should next plug the tablet to the comp with its USB cord for better connectivity.
  2. After you are ready with this task, the ones to perform for step two are as follows: copy the Android 4.2.2 ROM zip together with the Google Apps zip files from the desktop of the laptop and save them to the SD card root of the Nexus 7.
  3. Step three will tell you to switch the tablet off, unplug it from the laptop, then end by entering it in Bootloader Mode; use the following method for the latter action: power the gadget on while pressing + holding Volume Down, Volume Up and Power.
  4. After the device is in the Bootloader Mode, some instructions will appear on the screen. Follow those guidelines for the fourth step.
  5. This is what you need to do for step number five: choose Bootloader, go to Recovery and then opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data with Power; let your Nexus 7 initiate a full data wipe after you’ve chosen the above. Afterwards make sure to operate the following: a cache wipe. How to do that: choose Wipe Cache Partition.
  6. Access the “Advanced” option in your tablet’s CWM Recovery Menu and opt for Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The wipe of the tablet’s Dalvik cache should be followed by step seven requesting you to return to the Main Recovery Screen.
  8. From there, step number eight will tell you to choose Install zip from SD card, then Choose zip from SD card.
  9. After locating the Android 4.2.2 ROM zip file, opt for it via the Power key.
  10. Confirm what you performed just now, then wait for the file to be flashed on your tablet. To also install the Google Apps archive, repeat steps nine and ten (of course, select the GApps this time around). Go to ++++Go Back++++ once the files have been flashed on the Nexus 7.
  11. Reboot the device by choosing, from its Recovery Menu, the option available for the system restarting.

  • Sven

    I’ve just flashed this ROM on my smartphone. I have a question regarding the DPI settings. The ROM seems capable to change the DPI default values. Can you provide me a short guide about how to do this thing? The display quality can be improved with this trick? Thank you for your great support!