Google Glass Specs Revealed: bone conduction audio and 16GB storage

Google Glass and its specs have been revealed. 16 GB of storage and bone conduction audio are among them.

Google Glass is a head-mounted gadget that has been eagerly anticipated by a vast majority of gadget lovers ever since its announcement. And recently, its tech specs have been unveiled for the first time.

The Google Glass will offer a 640 x 360 screen, 16 GB of internal flash storage (out of which 12 GB can be used), a 5MP camera (with which you can record 720p clips) and a bone conduction transducer for audio purposes. Syncing it with Google cloud storage will be possible. Connectivity means Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11b/g. From what Google says, their new device can work with any smartphone that uses Bluetooth. However, the company also said that capability can be very different, depending on various factors. google-glass

If your handset sports Android 4.0.3 (or above), then you can still use the Google Glass via an app called MyGlass. What the latter translates into is the fact that you will be able to write and receive text messages and use GPS, too.

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The battery of this new product is going to deliver 24 hours of usage. But if you perform more demanding tasks, the unit will not last that long. The elements that will draw the battery faster are its Hangouts and video recording options. Apart from the battery, you also get one charger and a microUSB cable. The latter comes with the package so that you can use the device for a longer period of time.

As for design and whatnot, the Google Glass comes with nosepads that can be adjusted to suit your face (it should be said that these nosepads are reported to be very solid). Also, you should expect extra pads that are available in 2 sizes for future buyers.

The Google Glass sounds great by all means. But its price is still an enigma.

  • Jikos

    This device will be probably a great success. However, the main problem about this gadget is regarding the negative influence to the people’s brain.