Upgrade Galaxy W GT-I8150 to Android 4.0.4 Hackin’ROM ICS Firmware

Samsung has a wide variety of smartphones up their sleeve for every kind of budget. Galaxy W GT-I8150 is among those models. And today we want to offer a tutorial which will tell you, below, how to update it with custom firmware.

The tool used here is called Android 4.0.4 Hackin’ROM ICS custom firmware. To install it on your phone in a way that won’t make the latter get bricked, you will first have to read about certain requirements.


Therefore, the success of the installation depends on the following: activate the USB debugging, take the important data on your phone and create a backup of it, charge the battery, (and save them on your laptop), install ClockworkMod Recovery and use this tutorial only if your smartphone sports a bootloader already unlocked. The phone doesn’t need to be rooted.galaxy-w-gt-I8150

Our main purpose with this guide is to update it to the Android 4.0.4 Hackin’ROM ICS. So here are the steps to perform this procedure on your Galaxy W I8150.

Important instructions

  1. The beginning of this tutorial is offered by step one: on the laptop and then move to the second action which requires you to plug the phone to the comp. After the two devices communicate with one another, step two will follow; this needs you to copy + paste the zip file called Android 4.0.4 ROM to the smartphone’s SD card; we recommend you to check and see if the file gets pasted to root, on the phone’s memory card.
  2. Now switch the W GT-I8150 off and then on while doing the following: select at the same time and keep pressed the buttons for Home, Volume Up and Power together.
  3. A series of prompts will appear then on the display of then phone; you will have to do what they say and then opt for Bootloader.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the fourth step, go to Recovery and, in CWM Recovery, select an option called Wipe data.
  5. Look for an option which allows you to install the archive using the phone’s memory card; in order to choose it, you will need to tap on Start and afterwards opt for Choose zip from SD card by pressing Power.
  6. Step number six sounds like this: go to the Android 4.0.4 ROM with the help of the buttons for Volume; tap on Power to have it chosen and confirm what you just did.
  7. The update will be installed. Locate Go back.
  8. For step 8 you will need to opt for the phone’s restarting (from the Recovery Menu) so that the W I8150 reboots. The remaining action tells you to choose Settings and then About phone; only so will you be able to check if the smartphone features the Android 4.0.4 Hackin’ROM ICS custom firmware.