How to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Google Nexus Q

Google Nexus Q will require a custom recovery image in case you have plans that include installing custom ROMs on it. Because that’s the tool which will perform that sort of action. ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.2.7 is the instrument that will make sure you have that possibility from now on.

One of the many pros you will have access to after you flash the CWM Recovery v6.0.2.7 is the fact that it brings a whole plethora of nice options and features to test out.

Tempting? If the answer is definitely yes, then find out how to install this custom recovery image with a short guide whose steps are easy to perform once you pay close attention.


First up: some requirements. Which go like this: root your gadget, get the right USB drivers for the Nexus Q on your computer, use the model which is already fully unlocked, charge the battery of the product should it be dried out, make a backup using our tutorial (the data that’s currently on the device’s internal memory also needs to be backed up just in case; use a dedicated hard drive for this) and turn on the option labelled USB debugging.

When you are all done with these pre-requisites, there is one more thing you need to do: go to Google Play Store, look for and flash it on your Nexus

Ready to learn the steps required to have a custom recovery image on your device? Find them below.

Important instructions

  1. The first of them: once the ROM Manager is on your toy, you should launch it. The second step to be mindful of: tap on the option that reads Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.
  2. A second screen will appear; your task will be to confirm the device you use for the ROM Manager.
  3. Step three: tap on Device.
  4. Step four will instruct you to wait till a group of prompts appear; follow them. Now have some patience, since the ROM Manager is going to download either the touch or the non-touch version of the CWM Recovery tool. After it does that, the latter will be flashed on your Google Nexus Q.

The ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.2.7 is embarked on your device now. Now do the following in order to help the Nexus Q boot into the Recovery tool: launch the ROM Manager app and tap on “reboot into recovery mode”. End of story. Make the best out of it!