Guide: How to Root Dell XCD28

Having to deal with a smartphone that isn’t yet rooted may not be a problem for some. But for others it can really be, especially if they have a friend with a rooted Dell XCD28 going on and on about how much fun his device is.

If you’ve been tempted to try this wonder out for a while now, our guide will give you all the necessary tips and tricks to have a rooted handset.

Dell’s XCD28 may not have the same reputation that its rivals have. Nonetheless, many users prefer it instead of those because of its very good price and generally good performance. Not to mention there are some nifty specs and features thrown in the mix.

But at one point those users may tire of its old-fashioned Android Eclair operating system and want something new. This is where our guide comes in (and hopefully helps you out). If you follow it, you will be able – among others – to use root allowed applications.


Every time we write a new tutorial, we also squeeze in various requirements. The ones needed here are as follows: go to your handset’s battery icon and see its status; if there’s need for a full recharge, do so. If not, read about other pre-requisites, such as make a backup using this guide and download a file called on your laptop. Our guides also include the following tip: to make sure you can enjoy the warranty on the Dell XCD28 again after you root the device, you should unroot it with one of our tutorials here at DroidGator.Dell-XCD28

And with that we end our chapter on requirements and start the one which includes the steps that will root your phone. So go follow them!

Important instructions

  1. Step one will go like this: make sure that the z4Root APK file is on the desktop of your laptop. If it’s there, you should now grab the USB cord that comes with the handset.
  2. For step two you need to use that in order to plug the Dell XCD28 to your computer. After the two devices are intertwined, you should copy the APK file from where it is and paste it to the SD card root of the phone.
  3. Step three will tell you to disconnect the smartphone from the laptop as soon as the transfer has ended successfully, then go to Menu, click on Settings, opt for Applications and turn on Unknown sources.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now that this option is enabled on your XCD28, you need to move to the fourth step: launch File Manager, which is an app, on the handset. Now go to the APK file, install it on the phone and then go to Menu to launch it.
  5. For step number five you need to go to that app and tap on Root. When that happens, the smartphone will begin to root. Reboot the Dell XCD28 as soon as the procedure ends. Superuser app is now installed on the phone, too. This means that the rooting went well. To check your newly rooted smartphone out, start running some root-only applications.