How to Install TWRP Recovery on Sony Xperia T

For the past few days we’ve been working on a guide in which to include steps necessary for Sony’s Xperia T LT30p. More exactly: for its possibility to feature a popular custom recovery image.

Every tutorial going around the Internet requires such a tool, and the two best ones are TeamWin Recovery Project and ClockworkMod Recovery.

And because each of these examples is widely spread on almost all of the tablets and smartphones out there, minus the Xperia T LT30p, we decided to let you in on the perfect method to have it installed on this smartphone. In the easiest and fastest way possible.


The possibilities that will open after you get this sort of custom recovery image are many. But more on them at the end of this post.

Let’s now see the requirements that this procedure needs: two files called and (get the file with .elf as its extension) should be present on the handset and the latter needs to have been rooted beforehand for any of this to work properly. Having gotten accustomed to these pre-requisites, you should now take a jump and follow the steps below.Sony-Xperia-T

Important instructions

  1. Number one starts like this: after the TWRP Recovery and the Fastboot are on your laptop’s desktop, you need to extract the content of the second file to the same place as before (you should see a file called fastboot.exe afterwards). Now switch the Xperia T off.
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step two you should select and keep selected, together, Volume Down, Volume Up and Power. This kind of action will be enough to send the device into Fastboot mode. Which will direct you to step number three.
  3. This one will ask you to plug the Xperia T to the laptop, then to launch a Command Line Windows on your comp’s desktop; do this in the following manner: go to the keyboard, press + hold Shift + right click (on mouse) on the display and, lastly, opt for Open command line here.
  4. Step four: when the Command Line Window opens, you have to enter
    fastboot flash boot filename.elf
    in it.
  5. The filename.elf must be changed to the real name the file comes with. Then type in
    fastboot reboot
    and the Xperia T will reboot and feature the TWRP Recovery tool.

But what about the possibilities we talked about in the beginning of our guide? Here are some of them: flashing any ROM you wish on Xperia T, being able to create NANDroid backups and so on.