How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579

You have the chance to work with a much improved Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579. Before you do that, though, a certain kind of tool is needed. We have the most appropriate one: SRSRoot. And we’ll indicate how to use it. Don’t go anywhere!

2012 was when your smartphone first became available. On it are many important specs. The ones we’re interested in are its 800 MHz processor and Android 2.2.1 Froyo OS. We mentioned these because this tool is tied to them. Once this freeware comes in contact with them, it’ll first improve the CPU’s speed. The operating system cannot be removed from the phone. The SRSRoot app is absolutely fine with all of the Android versions made available this far. Future variants will also work with it.

The benefits of this procedure

The rooting of your Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579 means various other benefits. Like this one: admin and superuser permission. Once there’s root access, tweaks for customization will soon follow. Battery will be improved; that will happen thanks to several tweaks. The handset receives new features and root-only apps, too. The SRSRoot delivers custom ROMs and leaves your phone free of security problems. You will also be kept away from many unwanted programs.Galaxy-Ace-Duos-SCH-i579

The freeware you’ll accustom the phone to is powered by an SRS Server. You have to root the device with the help of a Build ID. Ours was FROYO.EC24. Your pick can be different, though. This dedicated tool is a rooting method that doesn’t refuse other Build IDs. It will also bring improvement on a lot of different products, not just yours.

The Samsung SCH-i579 shall experience some drawbacks as soon as an updated is performed on it. For one, its root access will leave it. The system partition will follow suit not too long after. Good news is that your handset keeps the data and internal / external SD cards.

The rooting of a gadget is tied to the following: its warranty is taken away. Fortunately, the owner of said device is able to reclaim it. The method of doing thus: a tutorial tailor-made for your phone.


A set of requirements are needed now:

  • a fully charged battery needs to be had by your phone;
  • download, on the laptop, USB drivers by going to this place;
  • they must be flashed there, as well;
  • the laptop should feature Windows;
  • provide protection for the handset’s content by generating a backup;
  • there has to be a full NANDroid backup, too;
  • turn off the security software provided with the laptop;
  • then enable those which are featured on the smartphone;
  • USB Debugging must be activated on the handset.

Step by step instructions

The best way to commence a rooting is to perform the first step.

  1. This means the download of the necessary SRSRoot on your laptop. There is a particular online place you’ll discover it at: this one. Access the page, then download the freeware by clicking on the site’s special download button.
  2. As far as the next task goes, you have to install the SRSRoot and open it on the laptop. Here is what we need from you now: enable the phone’s Menu option.
  3. Next, turn on this: Settings. Move on to the following action: find and activate Unknown Sources. This option can be spotted under the previously tapped Settings.
  4. For the upcoming phase, you should enable USB Debugging. Did you turn it on when we urged you to do so? Then it’s about time you perform another action.
  5. The most important thing to do now is this: create, between the Samsung SCH-i579 and laptop, a connection. This is going to help: the phone’s USB cord.
  6. Only a couple of minutes are necessary for this part. When your two products have established the plugging, it’s best to begin the next phase. The latter is the actual rooting.
  7. Which is something to be performed via this option’s tapping: Root Device (All Methods). Our recommendation is to let the action follow its course for the next 10-15 minutes. In case the rooting takes up more time, it’s best to repeat the previous tasks.
  8. Now that your Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579 is done with the previous task, all that remains is this: start it again.
  9. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Bringing the device to life is done by enabling this option: Reboot System Now. The smartphone will do its part for now. When the rebooting is done, you will have a rooted device all to yourself!

If you feel like none of the novelties are great for you, an unrooting should be performed. The SRSRoot will provide help for this plan.

Right below our post is a comment field. It’s a fitting choice in case problems appear while rooting the handset.