How to Root Sony Xperia L C2104

Sony Xperia L C2104 is featured on our blog, which means you’ll learn how to easily root it! There’s nothing hard about such a procedure. Simply read our steps and pay attention to what they’re saying.

In need of a device with the most innovative things? SRSRoot is the one to turn to. This tool, a freeware in essence, has all the right stuff for your phone. And it offers them free of charge. Your device, released almost 2 years ago, has lots to take in from a rooting performed with this tool. But it will, however, be released of its warranty. You won’t stay too long without it. There are various tutorials that can get it back for you.

The benefits of this procedure

The SRSRoot is more than capable of introducing the phone to many customization tweaks. More than that, it has novelties that work with many different devices. Yours is going to greatly benefit from the presence of admin and superuser permission. They are afterwards followed by these: options for an improved battery life. The handset’s Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean will be preserved. That’s because the rooting freeware can be used with every version of Google’s Android.Sony-Xperia-L-C2104

The SRSRoot comes powered by an SRS Server. New features will be joined by these: root-only apps and custom ROMs. The dual-core 1 GHz processor is given the opportunity to do its job much better than in the past.

You will be asked to use a Build ID with the rooting process. If you have no idea which is the best, we suggest this version: 15.0.A.1.36. When the rooting app turns up on the smartphone, you’ll be unaffected by bloatware. The device cannot be damaged by viruses after the rooting; the SRSRoot is free of them. This tool is also ready to wipe the root access away if need be.

As a side effect of an upgrade, the device is left without the following: the system partition. Something else will be striped away: the phone’s root access. This is completely safe: the most critical data on your Sony Xperia L C2104. As are these: the internal and external SD cards.


What you have to be prepared to do next is displayed below:

  • disable, on the laptop, the programs that protect it from viruses;
  • the security programs doing the same for your Sony Xperia L C2104 have to also be disabled.
  • here is a place that contains USB drivers which work with your phone;
  • download all of them on your laptop, after which you should install them there, as well;
  • time to go to the phone and enable, on it, USB Debugging;
  • a backup needs to be made so that you lose none of the crucial content on your phone;
  • continue with a full NANDroid backup;
  • the laptop’s operating system shouldn’t be Linux or Mac, but Windows;
  • the smartphone’s battery unit should be charged until it is full.

Step by step instructions

The fun can now begin!

  1. The first task we have for you indicates the following: open the laptop on this online page. If you’re there now, look for this: a download button.
  2. Once discovered, activate it via a simple click. The SRSRoot will start downloading itself on your laptop.
  3. There, open it after it’s been flashed. Tap Menu on the smartphone afterwards. If this part has been completed, enable, on the same handset, this option: Settings.
  4. The option under it is called Unknown Sources. Turn it on, too, then enable USB Debugging. Those of you who turned it on when the requirements appeared need not activate said option.
  5. What you can do instead is begin a plugging between the Sony C2104 and notebook. The tool enabling this is your smartphone’s USB cable.
  6. The connection will end in no time at all. The step which matters most is upon us. The rooting must be performed after the plugging is achieved.
  7. Here is how it’s indicated to start it: tap Root Device (All Methods). Approximately 15 minutes is the amount of time needed for a rooting’s successful completion.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This phase has every chance to not end with success. It the 15 minutes are up and the rooting isn’t over: redo the steps.
  9. If you’re one of the people who doesn’t go through problems here, you can restart your Sony Xperia L. To have your handset returned to life again, tap Reboot System Now. This last action makes it very easy to play with those new changes.

Do you want a place to ask questions about the rooting? This guide offers a comment box.