Update Sony Xperia T with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Firmware

How about we inform you right now that you can finally have access to a way in which your Sony Xperia T can feature Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware? If the idea really appeals to you, then hop on our ride. We even timed everything and can proudly say that today’s guide will definitely not take an eternity to perform all of the steps it has in it.


Naturally, you can’t jump in just like in the blink of an eye. There are, as usual, requirements you are obliged to take into consideration, especially if you are new to such actions. Here are the most important ones: make a backup (but you should not use a ROM Manager for that), root the handset and after that make sure that the smartphone has its battery charged more than 80%. Also, see whether or not USB Debugging is turned on (if it isn’t, enable it).

Good, now since we hope that you lent an ear to what we had to say above, please follow the next steps by mustering all the attention you are capable of. Because if you don’t do absolutely everything that we wrote in this tutorial, you won’t get to experience an upgraded Sony Xperia T. Sony-Xperia-T

Important instructions

  1. Step number one means the following operation from your part: grab and online onto your notebook.
  2. Step number two will ask the following from you: take the compatible USB cord from the smartphone’s box and use it to plug the phone to the comp. After the transfer is done, unplug the two from each other.
  3. Step number three will require that you get an app you will see listed as ROM Manager. Now opt for Reboot in Recovery Mode.
  4. For the fourth step wait no more than 60 seconds, then choose an option that should appear as Wipe cache data. You will also need to tap on Wipe Data and opt for Install zip from SD card.
  5. For step number five do as follows: choose CyanogenMod 10 pack for Xperia T and then the GApps Pack. 5 minutes tops is the time you need to wait for everything to settle down and then move on with the guide.
  6. So that step number six goes as planned, you are going to have to opt for Go back and choose Reboot system now afterwards; this is needed so that the handset can restart in the normal way.

You may or may not get the desired reaction from your Xperia T after the process is over. Should you see it doesn’t open at all once the guide is over, select the Power button and keep pressed it for about 30 seconds, first. Second: repeat the steps again.