Guide: How to root LG Marquee LS855 (ZVC update)

Don’t you think it’s time we showed some love to LG, too? That’s what we thought. So we out our effort into creating a tutorial on how to root this company’s Marquee (LS855) model. Don’t run straight to the steps needed for that process. First see what requirements need to be considered.

And we’ll start by saying that you are going to have to download six files in total:

  1. archive file.
  2. which is the Sprint compatible driver.
  3. ,
  4. which is a pre-rooted version of the image.
  5. which is the rooting pack for the LS855.

Then you need to download drivers befitting this operation and make backups. Downgrade the phone, root it and then install CWM Recovery on it. We’ll help with everything along the way.

How to downgrade the LS855

  1. Downgrading the LG Marquee starts by you having to go to Settings and selecting Connectivity.
  2. Step 2: uncheck Ask on Plug in.
  3. Step 3: change the phone’s default connection to Charge Only and return to Settings. Once there, you need to tap on Applications > Development and activate the USB Debugging.
  4. For step 4 you are asked to unzip LG_KDZ_FW-Update_OfflineFix archive to a dedicated directory and then run Windows Enabler.exe from it. If you don’t find it: it’s in a folder called KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.
  5. Step 5 requires you to run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe, access the KDZ area then select the browsing representation, present on the screen.
  6. Step 6: find the LS855ZV9__11.S9_00.P60680 .kdz. Then switch the Marquee off.
  7. In step number 7 you will plug the handset to the comp and click on Launch Software Update.
  8. Step 8: make a short pause.
  9. For the ninth step you have to switch the Marquee on. The ZV9 update is now installed.LG-Marquee-LS855

How to root the phone

Actually rooting this type of smartphone requires the following steps.

  1. Extract LG_Marquee .zip to a folder and change the phone’s connection to Charge Only mode.
  2. Step 2: activate the USB Debugging and then connect the phone to the laptop.
  3. Step number three is as follows: execute the run.bat file via the usual method and install ClockworkMod Recovery by extracting the LGMarquee_CWM .zip to a dedicated directory, plugging the LG Marquee LS855 to your comp, double-clicking on cwm–install-windows.bat from the previous directory, typing in 1 and tapping on Enter.

How to install ZVC update

Should you want, you can also install the ZVC update.

  1. [sc name=”banner-jos”]First: perform a connection between the laptop and the phone when you are in USB Storage Mode and copy ZVC-Rooted-Sprint .zip to the first directory from the phone’s memory card. Switch the phone off and restart it into ClockworkMod Recovery mode. For that, you must use the Volume Down and Power buttons, pressed at the same time for about 5 seconds.
  2. Step 2: when you spot the CWM menu, you have to go to Install zip from SD card with the help of the keys for Volume Up and Down.
  3. Step 3: opt for, with Power, the file called ZVC-Rooted-Sprint .zip and, after its installation, choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data.
  4. Step four: opt for Clear Cache from the CWM Menu and choose Reboot System Now. And that’s the end of our tutorial for today.

  • flump

    CWM link is broken, can someone please upload?

    • Catalin Nichita

      I’ve replaced the broken link. You must choose the compatible file for your phone from the list.