How to Root Samsung Galaxy Axiom SCH-R830

Our presence is required today so that we can answer your question on how to root Samsung Galaxy Axiom SCH-R830 in an easy way. This tutorial contains the information that will answer your question.

Back in 2012 when the manufacturer launched this smartphone, the people who bought it started to complain a few days or weeks later because of it; the main source of complaint: the handset was not capable of showing its true strengths. And so, because nothing is impossible in the gadget world, this phone can deliver its best features and true nature only if it’s rooted.

Which is where our guide comes in handy. The results of this procedure will be observed quickly on your Galaxy Axiom R830 (US Cellular).


A great rooting of any device, be it a tablet or a smartphone, will only work if you abide by some rules. First: read the requirements that apply to each device in particular. Second: follow the steps that, once again, apply to the model you are using every day.

The pre-requisites that are made for the Galaxy Axiom are these: download Odin tool, and on your laptop’s desktop, install USB Drivers for this phone on the same place and charge its battery. Don’t forget the backup. After the above is considered thoroughly, the next thing to do will be to learn how to flash a custom recovery image on your smartphone.Galaxy-Axiom-SCH-R830

CWM installation

Follow these steps to find out how that’s done.

  1. Step one indicates the following actions that need to be performed: go to the Odin archive, extract its files to the desktop of your comp, then initiate the Odin tool execution via the double click method.
  2. After this file is open on your comp, step two will request the following from you: click on PDA, opt for the ClockworkMod Recovery file and then power the R830 off.
  3. Step three: reboot it into Download Mode by doing the same thing we always do in such cases; which is this: press + hold Home, Volume Down and Power simultaneously. In Download Mode you will have to plug the devices to each other, then click on Start.
  4. In step four, the file will be installed and, once that’s over, you will need to reboot the Axiom.


  1. The steps that will root your smartphone are also here. What the first one is saying is this: allow the handset to be connected to your laptop via its USB cord.
  2. When the devices are in such close connection, you will have to copy the CWM-SuperSU zip to the root of the phone’s SD card.
  3. Disconnect the products from one another and turn the Axiom off to reboot it into Recovery Mode (repeat the actions we did in the first tutorial above).
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Follow these operations by opting for the flashing of the archive via the memory card.
  5. Step five is telling you to select Choose zip from SD card. Then it’s time to make another selection, this time for the file called CWM-SuperSU from above. At the end of the installation of this file, you will need to reboot the Galaxy Axiom SCH-R830. The handset is officially rooted.

But its warranty is gone. Unroot the smartphone if you wish to have it back; it’s best to use our next tutorial to achieve that.