How to Root Acer CloudMobile S500 running Android Jelly Bean

Acer CloudMobile S500 is one of the smartphones that runs Android Jelly Bean. If you own this very model, you can easily learn, from our guide, how to root it so that you can enjoy all the advantages of such a procedure.

Some of the pros that you will observe after you finish this tutorial: you will be able to get custom ROMs, flash root-only applications and so on. But there will be a price to pay for this: the warranty on your CloudMobile will no longer be on it afterwards. You will need to unroot the smartphone to make sure it returns to your device.


Your main concern at this point in our post: perform some pre-requisites. Which are these: flash USB drivers for the Acer CloudMobile on your laptop, the latter should boast Windows, charge the phone’s battery, use the S500 whose bootloader has been unlocked by Acer and make a backup using our guide.

The steps that must be followed for a great rooting sessions are below. Use them well!

How to flash a custom recovery image on S500

But first: flash a custom recovery image on your smartphone after you download and on the PC you own.

  1. Here is our guide on how to flash the custom recovery image we mentioned: send, for step 1, the Superuser and the S500 Root to the desktop of your notebook, then extract what’s in the S500 Root to the same desktop.
  2. Enable, for step two, USB debugging; if you don’t know how: go to the Menu of your phone, tap on Settings, click Developer options and then select the USB debugging option.Acer-CloudMobile
  3. The third step will ask you to plug the Acer CloudMobile to your computer; when they’re intertwined, be sure to open a Command Line Window on your laptop’s desktop; here is how: select the Shift key, right-click on an empty space on the display and then opt for Open command window here.
  4. Step four will need you to enter:
    adb reboot bootloader
    in the window, then wait for the handset to reach bootloader mode, then enter
    fastboot -i 0x00502 flash recovery CWM-
    This will flash the recovery.
  5. Step five will have to go the following way: reboot the Acer CloudMobile and then follow the tutorial below on how to root the phone.


  1. Step number one will ask you to plug the smartphone to your notebook with a USB cord that is the phone’s, then copy the Superuser from the desktop to the memory card root of the phone.
  2. Step two will need you to open a Command Line Window on the desktop by doing the same as you did for the previous tutorial. When you are done, be sure to enter:
    adb reboot recovery
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    into that Command Line Windows.
  3. For step number three you have to opt for Install zip from SD card.
  4. Step four will prompt you to select Choose zip from SD card, then opt for the Superuser file. The latter will get installed on your phone.
  5. The last step for today, the fifth, will have you reboot your CloudMobile. Your S500 is rooted.