How to Root LG Optimus G E970 (AT&T)

Not too long ago we came across LG’s Optimus G E970 (AT&T) and we thought “how about providing a tutorial on how to root this smartphone?”, especially since we knew that it lacked some cool features; more so because we couldn’t, at first, use any non Google Market applications, modify the firmware and such.

After scooting around the Internet, we found just the way to root this phone in a very easy manner.


But the procedure we put together can’t offer the best of results if you don’t consider certain requirements. So, besides our tutorial, we also included them in here. And they are the following: perform a full backup of your device, install on your laptop and check if the latter has Windows on its list of features.

If it does, great. One more thing: after the rooting ends and you see that the handset doesn’t have its warranty anymore, do this to restore it as quickly as possible: unroot the LG Optimus G E970.LG-Optimus-G

Now that we said all that was to be said on the subject of requirements, we’ll divert our attention to the steps below. Follow them and your phone will be rooted by the end of this guide.

Important instructions

  1. Step one should go like this: download a file labeled , make sure it’s saved on your laptop’s desktop and then unzip its contents to the same location.
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step two looks like this: go to the phone’s Menu, click on Settings, choose Developer options and look for an option called USB debugging; when you see it, check the box that’s next to it. This will turn USB debugging on. The time has come to perform the following: plug, with the help of a USB cable, the Optimus G to your laptop and then select with the mouse and use right click on the file that’s on the comp’s desktop; you’ll see it called RootOptimusG.bat.
  3. Step three requests that you opt for Run as administrator. For the third step you will need to have patience until some instructions come on the display; you will then have to follow them with a lot of attention, then wait for them to do their job. Afterwards you should go to Google Play.
  4. Once you reach your destination, step number four will instruct you to install an app which is known as . If you use it, you will see whether or not your LG Optimus G for AT&T has been rooted correctly. If it hasn’t, you need to repeat the steps in our tutorial from the very beginning.

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