How to Flash Jelly Bean 4.3 ZNUDNC1 on Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9002

Today’s guide proposes Android 4.3 for your Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9002. The perfect way to end up with this operating system is through an update. We offer the know-how, so simply keep an eye on this post!

When you are ready for a change for your phone, the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is your best bet. This particular version is complete with options for quick customization, new apps and plenty of other novelties to improve performance and so on. You won’t have to fear security problems.

The name of the official firmware which delivers the new OS is ZNUDNC1. It was recently launched for China and the firmware’s KIES logo is turned on. This, in short, enables your device to be updated to that OS with KIES software. This other method only works on a Samsung SM-N9002 with stock ROM.

If the update is done a phone which is already rooted, you will have to be prepared for some cons. A first disadvantage we should note: the phone’s own system partition will be damaged. Then the root access shall be revoked. Stuff like important content and internal and external SD cards are going to be saved from serious damage as shown earlier.Galaxy-Note-3-Duos-SM-N9002


As far as pre-requisites go, you should do as follows:

Step by step instructions

  1. Your Samsung SM-N9002 has to start the update now. The procedure needs to be kicked into gear like this: download, from here, Odin v3.09 on the notebook. After which download, on the same product, the for your country.
  2. Extract the packages that are now on your laptop with this tool’s help: WinRar. Odin v3.09.exe is one of the files that will be revealed at the end of the unzipping. Your next task: open this file on the laptop.
  3. To continue, your smartphone should end up in Download Mode. Help it enter that by way of these instructions: simultaneously press and hold Home, Power and Volume Down, then watch as a boot message comes on-screen so that you can move on by pressing Volume Up.
  4. Now that the device is in the Download Mode as indicated, you can grab your handset’s USB cable. By using it for the next step, your Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9002 will be successfully plugged to the laptop. After you use that cable, wait till the Odin displays a sign in blue on the display.
  5. Once the connection between your devices is real, activate two crucial boxes: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. Leave the other boxes unchecked, including Re-partition (which you’ll see checked by default).
  6. Remember to do this next: add the firmware file to AP / PDA. Click on “Start” to begin the firmware’s installation on your Galaxy Note 3 Duos SM-N9002. You won’t need to wait an eternity; 15 minutes will be more than enough. And the phone will let you see the end of the flashing via “Pass” and a restart.
  7. When you’re absolutely sure that the new OS is on the handset, unplug the latter from your notebook. The advantages of the new firmware will become available as soon as you launch it on the phone.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To be able to do that, you have to tap Settings first; continue by tapping About Phone. Now discover the new features, apps and such.

If you think the new OS is not what you wanted, you can remove it with the NANDroid backup file and restore the previous ROM. After the latter comes back, your phone’s upgrade will be revoked. So think this through before you decide to lose the update in exchange for the former ROM’s return.

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