Root Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K LTE running KKJMH1 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware

We have just ended our tutorial on how to update Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K to Android 4.1.2 KKJMH1 official firmware. If you want to root your handset after performing the previous procedure, then stay close and find out how to do just that!

The rooting of your handset means the disappearance of its warranty. Despair not, though: after you install an official firmware update on the device, the warranty shall reappear.


The update guide included some requirements. They are also needed for the rooting of your phone. The list of pre-requisites is below:

  • install, on your laptop, USB drivers for the Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K;
  • download CrossOver Utility if your notebook does not sport Windows;
  • charge the battery of your phone;
  • create backups using these instructions;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • download, on your PC, (file name: and Odin tool (the file is available here).Galaxy-S3-SHV-E210K-LTE


  1. The beginning of the rooting guide has finally arrived. Start the tutorial by finding an appropriate tool to unzip the content of both files you have on the comp this moment. After the extraction process is over, you should be left with an Odin tool v3.07.exe and a .tar.md5 file.
  2. Switch the handset off now. Enter it in Download Mode for the next stage of our guide; to boot the device into this mode, you should press and hold, together, Volume Down + Home + Power. You should now be greeted by a warning display, so press Volume Up.
  3. Then, when the E210K is in the Download Mode, you will be asked to use the Odin tool v3.07.exe as Admin. The next task that must be completed sounds like this: take the USB cable of the phone and attach it between the devices so that they are plugged to one another.
  4. To know if the connection truly happened, “Added!!” and a COM port number painted yellow shall jump at you. If they don’t, you need to change this situation by flashing the USB drivers once more or by taking a different USB port to use (we advise you to use the one which sits on the laptop’s back). But if you don’t run into such a problem, then it’s best to carry on with the guide by choosing a certain file.
  5. The complete guideline is this one: after you tap “PDA” you will need to opt for that file called CF-Auto-Root-c1kkt-shve210k.tar.md5. Make sure you don’t leave the Odin window and, while you are in it, check only F. Reset Time and then Auto Reboot.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The rooting firmware will land on your Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K LTE only if you actually begin its installation phase. To do that, tap “Start“. Then have patience for a bit.
  7. The installation shall end soon and you will see your handset restart; then it shall display a message that reads “Pass“. Disconnect the phone from your notebook when you spot that. Now your phone is rooted on KKJMH1 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 official firmware. In order to see if this is all true, you should get Root Checker from Google official store, then download it on your handset and test it. If the rooting firmware is on your phone, start flashing custom ROMs, root-only apps and many other different and totally neat tools.